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Barber talks Social Security to seniors

Democrat makes first stump stop since Kelly's GOP primary win

Ron Barber, the Democratic candidate in the CD8 special election, spooled up his campaign on Thursday in his first stump appearance after Jesse Kelly won Tuesday night's GOP primary, talking Social Security and Medicare to a group of seniors.
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Apr 19, 2012, 2:36 pm
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Jesse Kelly??? You want THIS to represent you???

Article: Citizens United Endorses Jesse Kelly in Special Election http://j.mp/w4YGg8
      About “Citizens United”: http://j.mp/zz409s

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Article and Video: Jesse Kelly: “Oil Is A Renewable Resource” http://j.mp/xlm23i

Article:  Jesse Kelly Supported by Groups Tied to White Supremacists, Neo-Nazis http://j.mp/Ax5lXO

Letter:  Tucson Tea Party Co-Founder: 13 Questions for Jesse Kelly that must be answered before you vote http://j.mp/zCtsMM

Simply put, Jesse Kelly has neither the brains, credibility or honesty for public office, the will for fighting or the compassion to represent the people of southern Arizona either CD8 OR CD2.

Apr 19, 2012, 3:10 pm
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You repeatedly repost the exact same comment on multiple stories. If you have something original to say, please join the conversation. Overposting is not only a violation of our User Guidelines, it’s the easiest way to get other readers to ignore whatever points you’re trying to make.

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Apr 20, 2012, 7:34 am
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First off, thank you Mr. Seberger. Most reporters in this town are pretty quick to defend Democratic candidates. It took some balls for you to do the right thing and point out the inconsistencies developing in Barber’s message and campaign. Props to you.

One inconsistency that wasn’t fully pointed out, however, is about Barber talking about how badly he needs money. It’s been addressed in several previous stories that he’s leading all of his republican opponents, by quite a significant margin, in fundraising.

So in reading this, it does appear that he is taking the same low road that Muffy Giffords did in the last election…take a Kelly sound byte or two, heavily edit it and grossly twist it until it is no longer close to what he said, and run with it. It’s really easy to get in front of a bunch of seniors, tell them your opponent is threatening Social Security, and use that fear you just created to get their vote. So many seniors were brainwashed by these lies, including my own mother I’m ashamed to say. Muffy Giffords used this fear tactic and unfortunately for us all it worked. I hope that CD8 is smarter than that this time around and doesn’t fall for it again.

The truth of the matter is that Social Security is indeed a ponzi scheme that’s destined for inevitable failure, and we do indeed need to start developing an exit strategy. However, no one is ever going to get away with depriving people of what they’ve already paid into the system, so no one is ever going to try that…not even Kelly. And, even when some sort of exit strategy is developed, there is no way it would ever be set into motion while any of the seniors Barber was speaking to are currently alive.

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