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Pima College placed on probation

2-year review process outlined

Pima Community College has been placed on probation by a national accrediting body, the Higher Learning Commission. The HLC announced the move Wednesday morning, saying it "took this action because of concerns related to integrity, financial management, personnel policies and procedures, shared governance, Board oversight of the institution, and systemic and integrated planning."
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Apr 17, 2013, 11:30 am
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Since March when the HLC’s report broke, I knew probation was imminent. But, PCC did have one tiny shot of avoiding probation…and that was for what I refer to as the “Flores Board” to heed the multiple calls for them to resign. Once it became clear that they won’t, it was then that I knew there was nothing that could be done to avoid this.

Speaking as someone who used to work there, this is wonderful news. To me it seems that probation is the one and only sanction that stands any chance of getting those who run PCC to get their heads out of the sand and finally make the necessary changes to improve the working environment. Had probation been avoided then there was absolutely no reason for PCC to change and things would have continued down their current path indefinitely. It’s why I left.

I have a list of ten people that are still there that need to be fired if PCC wants to have any shot at cleaning up its own house. I’ll keep an eye on it and see what happens…though I’m not expecting much.

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