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More Az veterans report dealing with military sexual trauma

Luisa Valdez said she was 18 and new to the Army when knocks awoke her and four male service members pushed her back into her barracks room and onto the bed. Each man raped her, she said.
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Apr 11, 2013, 6:34 pm
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This makes me so sick. I have military family members. as well as friends, and to think that this has happened to their fellow soldiers is just hard to wrap my brain around. What happened to the training that was supposed to initiate a protective team atmosphere within the military culture? The team that says us against the enemy?  Instead we have criminals serving within against those who also serve with them. Who had their back? Why are so many women and now men coming forward saying they tried to complain and were not taken seriously? or commanding officers were the perpetrators?  What kind of volunteer force are we creating? These monsters need to be rooted out and have no place in the honored ranks of brave veterans who have served with respect and distinction, like my family members. They sully their sacrifices.  The military needs to bring comfort to these victims and punish those criminals with the ultimate force of the law in the honored tradition of true military OR civilian justice—whatever it takes, just do it!

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