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Group claims racial bias in handling of foreclosed homes

Banks violating Fair Housing Act, alliance says

Banks are neglecting foreclosed homes in minority neighborhoods compared to those in white communities, according to a housing advocacy group.

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Apr 5, 2012, 8:46 am
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Wow…every time something doesn’t go your way, play the race card, right? Damn that gets old…

The (smart) banks are looking at one color…green. They’re taking care of the homes with the higher property values, because those are the ones that they most want to sell.

I’d do the same thing. If I had two foreclosed homes and could only afford to maintain one, I’m maintaining the one of higher value until I can sell it. That’s not racism, that’s just common sense. Duh.

The ones with the lower property values are most likely not worth maintaining, and the banks probably know that if they do maintain it they wouldn’t get their investment back, and are just looking to lose as little money as they can on the place.

Stop making everything about race. It’s gets old and tired.

— 30 —


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