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Enviros decry damage from Border Patrol off-roading

Environmental groups contend that Border Patrol off-road vehicles used to catch illegal immigrants and drug smugglers are damaging the landscapes of two ecologically sensitive areas of southern Arizona. They are calling on the agency to update its environmental training.
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Mar 26, 2013, 9:07 am
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Is there anyone actually gullible enough to believe that these crybabies’ actual concern is for the environment? If they’re so concerned, why in the world aren’t they speaking out over the hoards of border jumpers to devastate the border region’s environment with their tons of trash, feces, dead bodies, etc etc etc?

Additionally, they’re blaming a symptom, If border jumpers would stop jumping the border, and if drug runners would stop running drugs, then the border patrol wouldn’t need to patrol these lands. Why is their anger not directed at those who necessitate the patrols rather than at the patrols themselves?

This is lunacy!

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