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Bill would bar cities, towns from mandating employee benefits

A state lawmaker wants to bar Arizona cities and towns from requiring private employers to provide benefits like sick days and meal breaks. HB 2280, authored by Rep. Tom Forese, R-Chandler, would keep the power to regulate benefits at the state level.
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Mar 22, 2013, 7:54 pm
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The “leaders” at the AZ State House whine and moan about Federal over-reach…but they turn around and pull exactly the same stunts to counties, cities, and towns.

They need to stay out of local politics or quit complaining about the Feds.

In this case, requiring a private company to pay benefits off-loads the burden from the tax payers onto that company’s customers/investors.  Paying a living wage—lower state assistance payments.  Paying health benefits and paid sick days - lowers stress on Medicaid and reduces risk of public epidemic.

Of course, it can backfire and the businesses relocate to greener pastures leaving unemployment in their wakes. 

Balancing is easier with smaller objects.

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