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More agreement than definition at GOP CD8 debate

None of 4 special election candidates dominate Q&A session

Tucson radio personality Jon Justice was joking when he referred to Arizona's CD8 Republican candidates as "SittenoriMcJesse," but Thursday night's debate at Sabino High School was more of a tacit agreement session with a side of lowbrow humor than a debate.
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Mar 16, 2012, 11:58 am
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Several years ago Jesse Kelly decided that he would attend college. Daddy paid for it and Jesse attended a school in the northern US. After a short time, having received passing but lackluster grades, Jesse decided he didn’t like college and so he dropped out. Next Jesse decided to try the military. He joined, went to Iraq for one tour and decided he didn’t much care for that either and quit. After the military Jesse moved back to Tucson, Arizona and went back to work for his fathers construction company and eventually ran for CD8 against Gabby Giffords, and lost. In January of 2011 Jarod Lee Loughner went on a shooting rampage at our neighborhood Safeway store. At the time, Jesse Kelly had the attached picture on his campaign website (can be viewed on Photobucket at: http://j.mp/A5to9a) Please note that fully auto M-16’s are illegal. This graphic was on-line for some time prior to the Safeway shooting, but, also remained up for THREE DAYS AFTER the shooting. While everyone in the nation knew what happened at the Safeway the same day that it happened, Jesse Kelly did not care and left it up on his site until his Tea Party boss Trent Humphries mentioned that it might not be good PR to leave it up. FLASH FORWARD: Early in 2012 Gabrielle Giffords announces that she is stepping down from office and Jesse Kelly returns to Tucson. Jesse had been living in Texas managing a construction project for his father for at least 6 months. As soon as Gabby stepped down Jesse announces that he is running again for CD8 despite the fact that he is ineligible having not been an Arizona or even a CD8 resident for the past 6 months as is required by law. FLASH FORWARD: Citizens United, the big money, out-of-state group which made corporate personhood famous (a Koch Brothers group) endorses Jesse Kelly (news article at: http://j.mp/w4YGg8) and with big, mostly out-of-state business funding him, his signs sprout like weeds over night courtesy of a donated sign crew. FLASH FORWARD: Jesse Kelly in February of 2012 shows he really should have stayed in college as he states that “Oil is a renewable resource (News article and video at http://j.mp/xlm23i).

Simply put, Jesse Kelly has neither the brains for public office, the will for fighting or the compassion to represent the people of southern Arizona either CD8 OR CD2.

CD8 candidate Jesse Kelly’s and Tea Party’s economic platform similar to Communist nations http://j.mp/zBKXth

CD8 Republican Jesse Kelly Calls For New National Sales Tax http://j.mp/xNFoui

Mar 16, 2012, 12:41 pm
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^^^wasn’t that copied and pasted from another post? I wish I kept mine, which said that Kelly deserved to win the last election, and had not CD* had so many brain-dead drones Kelly WOULD have won it, and I am seriously thinking of voting for him based solely on the concept of karmic realignment.

Since I have a minute, I’ll address the “points” addressed in that grammatical nightmare that is the post above mine.

So what if “daddy” paid for college? Lots of people get help from their parents, or just run up a student debt that will never be paid. Every one reading this has been helped by someone at some point in their lives.

And, so what about him dropping out of college? College isn’t for everyone. There’s no shame in that.

Concerning his military…he did his tour in Iraq. A lot of people, after a tour in Iraq, decided they had enough and returned to civilian life. His discharge was honorable, and if it’s good with the military then it’s good with me.

He worked for his father’s construction company. Yeah, and? Is everyone who works for the family business a bad person or something? Is his father’s construction company still in business? Muffy Giffords took the helm of her family business, the well-established and successful El Campo tire, and proceeded to run it straight in to the ground in a short amount of time, almost as bad as Vince Russo running WCW.

I saw nothing wrong with the photo linked. So he’s a gun enthusiast. So what? That’s his right. I don’t know if M-16’s are legal or not, but any law banning them is a Second Amendment violation.

And, again, Kelly should have never lost the ‘10 election, so props to him for coming back to try to make a wrong right. That takes strength and character, as far as I’m concerned.

Are you really going to talk about residency requirements? Really? Giffords may have super-technically met them on paper, but no where near met the spirit of them. Houston was home, she didn’t do much to hide that. And, when she was shot, where did she do her rehab? In her district? Of course not…in Houston, of course silly! God forbid she spend time in her own district. Even the single worst member of congress Raul Grijalva actually lives in his own district, why can’t Muffy Giffords?

And, someone who supports Muffy Giffords playing the communist card? Corporate bailouts anyone?

Mar 16, 2012, 5:53 pm
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Wow, Brett, you’re just as distasteful as Jesse Kelly. Are you related or do you just [ad hominem attack removed]?

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