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At GOP debate viewing party, cheers, boos and protests aplenty

Among the hundreds attending this city’s viewing party for Wednesday’s GOP presidential debate, some of the strongest reactions were over the issue of immigration.
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Feb 23, 2012, 12:21 pm
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“I’m protesting here because Governor Romney said if he were president he would veto the Dream Act,” Cornejo said.

I would recommend that Cornejo vote against Romney if he doesn’t like what Romney has to say, but Cornejo probably can’t do that as he’s probably not a citizen

George Cliffton of Scottsale carried a sign saying he stands with all immigrants…

Well, so do I. All legal immigrants who showed the respect to our country, our sovereignty, and our laws to EARN their way in, instead of what basically amounts to cutting in front of the line, disrespecting all of those immigrants who took the high road and did it the right way.

“I’ll vote for a trashcan if it beats Obama,” [Hunt] said. ”I like a little about every candidate, but I don’t like everything about anyone.”

My sentiments exactly.

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