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‘In Her Shoes’: Program focuses on choices that lead girls into sex trade

A young girls' story is part of an “In Her Shoes” simulation offered by the Arizona State University Diane Halle Center for Family Justice, where a group of reporters had to make choices faced by individuals who fell victim to sex trafficking.
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Feb 14, 2013, 9:09 am
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I think this piece misuses the word “trafficked”. In my mind, that implies that someone was kidnapped and taken to an unfamiliar place, or lured there under false pretenses (like told they’re going to school or work as a nanny or something like that).

Based on what I read in this piece, it seems to me like every bad choice Jones made, she made willingly.

I wouldn’t mind reading this piece again were it rewritten to eliminate the spin, and if it did away with smearing trafficking and Jones’ story together.

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