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Monday is deadline to register to vote for your presidential pick

If you want to cast a ballot in next month's presidential primary in Arizona, the deadline to register to vote is Monday at midnight. Only voters signed up with the Democratic, Republican or Green parties will be able to cast ballots as the state has its say in the nomination process. Independent voters will not be eligible to vote.
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Feb 13, 2016, 2:01 pm
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I think being registered as an independent voter is more important than voting for bad party candidates.  When independent voters obtain their rights as guaranteed in the Voting Rights Act of 1965, we can vote and be candidates as independent voters, which is much more important than voting for bad candidates put up by the two major parties.

Feb 17, 2016, 1:09 pm
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@Maryrose Larkin,

You can register by mail, or go to either of the locations for the Pima County Recorder’s Office, 240 N.Stone or 6920 E. Broadway.

Registering using the state form (https://www.recorder.pima.gov/docs/voter_registration_fillable_form.pdf) requires documented proof of citizenship (license, passport, tribal ID, etc.).

Registering using the federal form (https://www.recorder.pima.gov/docs/NVRA_Arizona Form - Pima.pdf) requires documented proof of your address and that you legally attest to your citizenship. Using the federal form can affect your ability to cast a ballot in non-federal races.

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