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Pima axes consultant in botched chancellor search

Pima Community College is rebooting its search for a new leader, just days after learning that a consultant failed to tell PCC that a finalist in that search had been implicated in overbilling at a former post. The college is "marching forward" to fill the chancellor's seat by July, said the chair of the Governing Board.
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Feb 6, 2013, 3:36 pm
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Only in the bizarro world of PCC could going in endless circles be called “marching forward”, and where three minus two equals zero.

Karamargin said he believes a refund “is something the Board will explore.”

Bullplop. It will never happen. Here’s how it would go down if PCC tried to get a refund…

PCC asks RH Perry & Associates for a refund. The Perry folks say no. PCC sues Perry. Then, Perry unearths many more skeletons hiding in PCC’s closets in the course of the lawsuit (and, yes, despite all the negative press over the last year or so about PCC, the surface has barely been scratched). Perry knows this, so they won’t issue a refund. PCC knows all of this, too, so they won’t sue. Trust me, it’s worth $60k of our money to PCC to keep the secrets that haven’t leaked yet.

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