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Holder accused of obstructing ‘Fast & Furious’ probe

Attorney general threatened with contempt by House panel

House members accused Attorney General Eric Holder on Thursday of stonewalling their probe of Operation Fast and Furious, and threatened him with contempt unless the Justice Department hands over thousands more documents.

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Feb 3, 2012, 10:47 am
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If Holder and company had cooperated earlier, this wouldnt be happening in an election year.  It may look like a political show to the Marxists, but to me it looks like an investigation to get to the bottom of a program by the feds that has ended up killing a number of people. And Holder trys to hide behind his race to try to deflect criticism.  So much for a transparent administration.  Hes obviously a skilled sociopathic attorney. And Obama has every bit of confidence in his Attorney General.Hey folks this is what Marxists do.This program was set up to further gun control One little problem (collateral damage), Bryan Terry got shot dead with one of the guns the feds put into the hands of the Cartels that the Feds refuse to stop letting into the country. God I hope im just paranoid and Eric and Barry and Janet are really doing a good job…..Not.

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