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Proud: Give marriage license discount for couples' course

Price would be cut in half after premarital class

To motivate couples to learn more about marital issues before tying the knot, a Tucson lawmaker is sponsoring a bill that would cut the price of marriage licenses in half if couples take a premarital course covering subjects including conflict management to parenting responsibilities.
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Jan 26, 2012, 9:45 am
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If you don’t know how to handle conflict resolution without some lame class, then perhaps you’re not ready to get married to anyone.

Some marriages just don’t work out. While that is unfortunate and sad, it’s also reality…and you can’t legislate your way out of that one.

I’m approaching my third wedding anniversary. If this option would have been available to me and my wife then I would have said “let’s just pay the full price and not take that stupid class”, and I’m pretty certain my wife would have been with me on that one. Time is also money!

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