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Horne: TUSD ethnic studies illegal

Schools chief wants ban on 'Raza' studies; District 'passionate' about program

On his final day in office, Arizona schools chief Tom Horne said Tucson Unified School District's must end its Mexican-American studies program. which he said violates a new state law. TUSD's new superintendent, John Pedicone, said Monday that the district is "passionate about the program," which serves 1200 students.
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Jan 3, 2011, 2:00 pm
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I hope that as citizens, we can all understand that ethnic studies aims to include in the curriculum, and promote cultural pride and awareness for those who have historically and systematically had racism “committed” against them. Discrimination against Hispanic people over several generations has lasting negative economic and educational consequences. TUSD’s and the UofA’s ethnic studies programs are successful efforts to address past inequalities and level the playing field in a modern multicultural society.

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