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Gov. Katie Hobbs vetoes a Republican-backed 'skinny budget' proposal on Feb. 16, 2023.

Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs on Tuesday used her veto stamp to reject Republican attempts to allow guns on college campuses and to permit shelters to discriminate against trans women. Read more»

Attorneys for Hamadeh excoriated Gov. Katie Hobbs and Maricopa County election officials for what they perceived as concealing information, but state law directs the secretary of state to deliver the results of the recount to a judge, and only the judge may announce those results.

Abraham Hamadeh’s third appeal to nullify the results of the race for Arizona attorney general he lost last year hinges on permission to inspect more ballots, which attorneys for his Democratic opponent say proves that his claims continue to be evidence-free. Read more»

A hazy day in Tucson on Wednesday, May 17, 2023.

Air pollution in the Tucson metro area hit harmful levels on Wednesday, with high concentrations of ground-level ozone, prompting an advisory from Pima County that residents should avoid intense physical outdoor activity. Read more»

Lake's trial is scheduled to run from Wednesday to Friday, but she has said 'we are going to take this to the U.S. Supreme Court,' while Hamadeh’s attorneys claimed that declining to provide a new trial would erode voter confidence.

Kari Lake and Abe Hamadeh, GOP candidates for Arizona’s top offices who claim the November election was stolen from them, have spent months presenting shape-shifting arguments in court — and six months after races were called, they aren’t done. Read more»

Voters say said to Prop. 412, a franchise agreement between Tucson Electric Power and the city of Tucson.

Prop. 412 — an election that would have allowed Tucson Electric the continued right to access public rights of way for repairs — died a sputtering, sparkly death Tuesday. All sides have until 2026 to come up with a new deal. Read more»

Arizona Senate President Warren Petersen attempted to dismiss rumors the legislature intends to stay in session until late into the year, but said (we) 'need to see where we are with nominations and other business on June 12.'

The Arizona Legislature is taking another extended break, this time for four weeks, ostensibly to allow lawmakers time to shore up their work on various projects, the fourth extended break of at least a week since the legislative session began in January. Read more»

While the bills earned the approval of the Republican-majority legislature, Hobbs has vowed to reject any anti-LGBTQ measures that make it to the Ninth Floor and is certain to veto them.

Arizona Republicans sent a spate of anti-LGBTQ proposals to Gov. Katie Hobbs on Monday, forging ahead with the discriminatory legislation despite warnings that doing so endangers the lives of trans youth. Read more»

An aerial view of the Douglas Port of Entry from 2011. Former Arizona Gov Doug Ducey allocated $8.9 million in 2022 to help build a new port of entry in Douglas, adding funds from the American Rescue Plan to develop wastewater and groundwater infrastructure.

Amid a chaotic flow of migrants to the southern border, the United States and Mexico are pushing forward with an aggressive investment into the international ports of entry along the nearly 2,000 miles of their shared boundary, including modernization funding for three ports in Arizona. Read more»

Fort Huachuca draws more groundwater from the San Pedro river watershed than anything else.

The Center for Biological Diversity told a Ninth Circuit panel Tuesday that Fort Huachuca’s groundwater pumping is adversely affecting the San Pedro river and four endangered species that call it home. Read more»

Proposition 412, a 25-year deal between the city of Tucson and TEP, didn't spark voters to cast their ballots for "yes." It was being defeated by a 55-45% margin as the first election returns were released Tuesday night. Read more»

Lake and her legal team last week almost lost their chance to bring any expert witnesses to trial after her attorneys said they misunderstood directions from Judge Thompson.

The expert witness in Kari Lake’s imminent election challenge trial did work for the Arizona Senate’s debunked 2020 partisan election “audit” and was one of the speakers at the infamous Election Committee hearing that led to former Rep. Liz Harris being kicked out of the legislature. Read more»

U.S. Rep. Ruben Gallego talks to supporters in Tucson after announcing he would run for Senate, challenging former Democrat turned independent Krysten Sinema for Arizona's seat.

U.S. Treasury officials could begin targeting foreign bank accounts used to support fentanyl smuggling if a bill introduced by U.S. Rep. Ruben Gallego makes it way through Congress. Read more»

Not Invisible Act Commissioners gathered at Twin Arrows Casino near Flagstaff on the Navajo Nation to hear testimony from people who have been impacted by the human trafficking and the MMIP Crisis on May 9, 2023.

The Not Invisible Act Commission held a public hearing at the Twin Arrows Casino near Flagstaff on May 9 to hear testimony and recommendations from victims and families impacted by human trafficking and the missing and murdered Indigenous peoples crisis. Read more»

Evan Darzi, cofundador y director general de ElectraTect, escribe el compuesto molecular para Delta-9 THC.

Los científicos de la empresa ElectraTect, con sede en Phoenix, están trabajando para crear un alcoholímetro de marihuana para detectar el consumo reciente de THC que está más relacionado con el deterioro que las pruebas actuales que detectan el uso de marihuana durante días. Read more»

Kari Lake speaks at a campaign event at The Maverick in 2022.

Kari Lake will have a chance to argue in court that her 17,000-vote election loss in 2022 should be overturned — but she will have to prove that Maricopa County brazenly failed to verify tens of thousands of early voter signatures and that, in doing so, the county affected the outcome. Read more»

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