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Vail Resorts' plans to cancel cloud seeding threatens water levels on Colorado River

Money problems have forced Vail Resorts to pull this winter’s funding for its cloud seeding program — the longest-running in the state at 44 years — potentially reducing the amount of water flowing down the Colorado River this spring. ... Read more»

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Ten of the most haunted places on the globe

Here are 10 of the most haunted places around the world to help you get your spook on. ... Read more»

This Irish cottage may be haunted by violent fairies

How else to explain a series of mysterious deaths that has villagers talking about ghosts and the benefits of demolition?... Read more»

Penny ante: Tiny copper thefts a felony in Texas

For the past year and a half, stealing a penny in Texas has been a felony under state law. Lawmakers didn’t set out to target the smallest of small-time thieves, though. It happened inadvertently in 2011 when they passed a bill aimed at curbing the growing problem of metal theft.... Read more»

Mayans, New Agers praise the new dawn at Mexico’s Chichen Itza

Was it just another solstice marking the beginning of winter? Or the dawn of a new era, as predicted by Mayan priests?(slideshow)... Read more»

Medical marijuana

One dope over the line: Extra MMJ plants grow into pot bust

An extra medical marijuana plant (or seven) grew into a pot bust for a Sierra Vista woman on Friday when she pulled over-the-line plants from their pots and tossed them outside as police were responding to a domestic violence call.... Read more»

Real-life quidditch looks to become Olympic sport

Increased respect and visibility for the game have given confidence to players across the globe to set their sights on quidditch becoming a part of the magnum opus of sports: the Summer Olympics.... Read more»

TPD warns of police impersonators

Tucson police have received multiple reports in the past six months of a man and woman dressed as police officers pulling over motorists. The pair, who are not law enforcement officers, have used a vehicle equipped with emergency lights and a siren.... Read more»1

The facts about Cinco de Mayo

It's Cinco de Mayo, and for millions of Americans that means drinking Corona instead of Bud Light. But the holiday has an interesting history, even if it is misunderstood by millions.... Read more»

Border agents seize forbidden fruit

A 46-year-old Florida man found himself in hot water on Tuesday when he tried to bring fruit into the United States. Forbidden fruit, that is. And some pork rinds.... Read more»

Lumberjack worst job; computer programmer best

CareerCast.com suggests lumberjack is the worst job you could have in 2012, while computer programmer ranks at the top.... Read more»3

Study: Fatal car crashes increase on tax deadline day

The risk of dying in an auto accident as a driver, passenger or even a pedestrian increases 6 percent on tax-deadline day compared with a day from a week earlier or a week later .... Read more»1

Sharing bed with pets could mean better sleep

An Australian study has found you are more likely to get a good night sleep if you share your bed with a pet rather than another person.... Read more»

Survey: Most conservatives place little trust in science

Only a small minority of conservatives now say they place a “great deal” of trust in science, according to a survey published Thursday.... Read more»

Study: Heart drug may combat racism as side effect

A common heart disease drug may also alter subconscious racial attitudes, a new study has found.... Read more»

Cheating takes a toll on your ticker

An affair of the heart has new meaning after researchers found men who die during sex are more likely to be cheating, an American Heart Association study says.... Read more»

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