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A Title 42 protest in Nogales, Sonora on March 22, 2022. Immigration officials have used the health order more than 2 million times to expel migrants since March, 2020.

Many religious traditions preach the need to care for strangers, and after Title 42 restrictions at the U.S. border ended, debates about immigration and border security have heated up again – but the treatment of immigrants is deeply intertwined with religious freedom. Read more»

Some groups with ties to the Oath Keepers – an extremist group with leaders who were found guilty of seditious conspiracy connected to the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol – were granted tax-exempt status.

The wide array of U.S. nonprofits includes many media outlets, chambers of commerce and political parties, but the IRS also granted tax-exempt status to extremists, including an Oath Keepers foundation – here’s why that’s not as surprising as it sounds. Read more»

Fox’s star broadcasters like Carlson found enormous success by embracing an authenticity-as-a-form-of-populism approach.

Tucker Carlson’s departure after Fox News’ settlement over the network’s promotion of 2020 election misinformation reveals Fox’s biggest strength and weakness: the network’s incredible understanding of what its audience wants and its unrelenting willingness to deliver exactly that. Read more»

The tax deadline has been pushed back to April 18 this year, giving those leaving it to the last minute a few extra days - but why is Tax Day in April anyway? Read more»

Mexico’s detentions and deportations have done little to stop the flow of migrants entering the country en route to the U.S.

The migrant deaths in a detention facility just across the U.S. border will likely be found to have had several contributing factors, as the immigration enforcement policies of the U.S. and Mexican governments has seen the number of people kept in such facilities skyrocket. Read more»

Companies like Venmo, Etsy and Airbnb will be required to issue tax documents to anyone earning more than $600 on their sites.

New rules are going to make sure the Internal Revenue Service gets more information about payments made to apps often used for informal work - and gig workers making at least $600 a year with a side hustle through an online platform should be on the lookout for a 1099-K. Read more»

In an age of polarization, it is worth remembering that one of the pillars of King’s philosophy was pluralism: the idea of multiple communities engaging one another, acknowledging their differences and shared bonds, and striving to create what King called a “Beloved Community.” Read more»

The Haggadah is a guide to Passover’s central ritual, the Seder meal traditionally celebrated on the first and sometimes second evening.

For many people who celebrate it, Passover brings to mind memories of Seder meals with family and reading from the Haggadah, a holiday with remembrance and tradition at its core - but that doesn’t mean it’s unchanging. Read more»

Increasing naloxone’s over-the-counter availability will convey the message that risks associated with substance use disorder warrant a pervasive intervention much as with other illnesses.

On March 29, 2023, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved Narcan - the 4-milligram nasal spray version of naloxone, a medication that can quickly counteract an opioid overdose - for over-the-counter sale, an essential step in reducing deaths due to overdose. Read more»

In Christianity, the donkey becomes almost a symbol of Christ himself, given how it patiently suffers and bears others’ burdens.

For the Catholic Church and many other Christian denominations, the Sunday before Easter marks “Holy Week,” the beginning of the most important week of the year – and the donkey Jesus rode on Palm Sunday is a symbol for Christians, associated with quiet humility. Read more»

A memorial at the Cesar Chavez National Monument. When it came to raising attention to the plight of striking grape harvesters, Chavez leaned on his religious beliefs.

Labor rights pioneer Cesar Chavez, whose birthday is celebrated as a holiday in the U.S. every March 31 and remains the preeminent icon of civil and labor rights in the U.S., fused his understanding of Catholic social doctrine with principles of community organizing. Read more»

Muslim students may request special accommodations during the Islamic month of fasting.

Muslim students are a part of a 60% majority of students in public schools who say that religion is important in their lives, and Ramadan – the Islamic period of fasting – and public schools are moving toward greater recognition of the sacred month. Read more»

Trump campaigning in Tucson in October 2019.

What are the consequences of an indictment and potential trial for Donald Trump's election campaign and, if his effort is successful, his future presidency? Read more»

Some of the nation’s wealthiest citizens pay an effective tax rate close to zero. As one investigative reporter put it, the ultrawealthy 'sidestep the system in an entirely legal way.'

A host of Americans on the right have endorsed various forms of secession in recent years - and roughly 40% of Biden voters have fantasized about a national divorce as well - but there are ways to exit a nation before seceding, and various acts of exit have already taken place. Read more»

St. Patrick's Day 2015, Dublin, Ireland

The Festival of St. Patrick began in the 17th century as a religious and cultural commemoration of the bishop who brought Christianity to Ireland. In Ireland, there’s still an important religious and cultural component to the holiday, even as it has simply become an excuse to wear green and heavily drink in the rest of the world. Read more»

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