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Southwest’s drought & fires are a window to our climate-change future

The ongoing drought appears to be the worst in 1,200 years, with hotter temperatures, smaller snowpack and an earlier start to the fire season - a glimpse at what climate change will bring to the Southwest and elsewhere.... Read more»

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Draft overturning Roe v. Wade quotes infamous witch trial judge with long-discredited ideas on rape

In writing about abortion, Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito chose to quote from Sir Matthew Hale, a 17th-century English jurist whose writings and reasonings have caused enduring damage to women for hundreds of years.... Read more»

They 'built the wall' on border, but problems persist after founder's guilty plea

Controversy continues to surround the two physical legacies of former area resident Brian Kolfage’s We Build the Wall effort: the bollard fence on the shore of the Rio Grande and a half-mile stretch of fence outside of El Paso that remain at risk of falling.... Read more»

Vaccine medical exemptions are rare. Thousands of nursing home workers have them.

With the COVID-19 pandemic now in its third year - and more than a year after vaccines became widely available in nursing homes - thousands of workers have found a way to avoid getting vaccinated by claiming questionable medical exemptions.... Read more»1

Examining nearly two decades of taxpayer-funded border operations

Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry and his successor, Gov. Greg Abbott, have persuaded the Texas Legislature to spend billions of dollars on border security measures - but the way the governors have tracked success has fluctuated over the years.... Read more»

'If you’re getting a W-2, you’re a sucker'

For most people, filing taxes is little more than data entry: a W-2 form from an employer and 1099 forms that list earnings from dividends or interest - but the financial reality of the wealthy, where income isn’t defined by a tax form, is not so easily defined. ... Read more»

How the invisible hand of Steve Twist shaped Az's punitive justice system

Over four decades, Arizona victims’ rights advocate, adjunct law professor and former assistant state attorney general Steve Twist has had an enduring impact on policies that created one of the nation’s most punitive state criminal justice systems.... Read more»

Texas’ border operation meant to deter cartels & smugglers often imprisons lone men for trespassing

Arrests of people accused of violence and drug trafficking have been the public focus of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's border crackdown - but trespassing cases represent the largest share of the operation’s arrests, with those arrested thrown into state prisons for weeks or months.... Read more»

FTC sues to stop 'deceptive' TurboTax 'free' ad campaign

With millions of Americans scrambling to file their taxes in the next few weeks, the Federal Trade Commission asked a federal court to intervene to stop Intuit from claiming in ads that Americans can file for “free” using the company’s TurboTax software.... Read more»

Infamous Russian troll farm appears to be source of anti-Ukraine propaganda

A pro-Putin network of dozens of accounts spread across Twitter, TikTok and Instagram whose behavior, content and coordination are consistent with Russian troll factory the Internet Research Agency are spreading similar or identical text, photos and videos across accounts and platforms.... Read more»

Southwestern states make changes to welfare after ProPublica investigations

Across the Southwest, states are reconsidering how they approach welfare, with several legislatures enacting or considering new laws to ensure that more assistance is made available to low-income families struggling to afford rent, child care, groceries and diapers. ... Read more»

Uline billionaire's group enlisting Trump supporters to hunt 'voter fraud' with flawed methods

The Voter Reference Foundation - closely linked to a super PAC predominantly funded by billionaire Richard Uihlein and led by Trump campaign operations director in Arizona Gina Swoboda - encourages crowdsourcing of voter rolls to find what they consider errors and anomalies.... Read more»

Trump just endorsed an Oath Keeper’s plan to seize control of the Republican Party

Former President Donald Trump has officially endorsed a plan - known as the “precinct strategy” - created by a man who has self-identified with the Oath Keeper militia, that aims to have Trump supporters consolidate control of the Republican Party.... Read more»

Let’s recall what exactly Paul Manafort and Rudy Giuliani were doing in Ukraine

Though Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine is just days old, Russia has been working for years to influence and undermine the independence of its smaller neighbor - as it happens, two prominent Americans have played a role in that effort.... Read more»

Welfare is no substitute for a child tax credit

The Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program - touted by members of Congress as a highly effective cash assistance program for low-income parents and kids - is a program distinguished by failure and no substitute for a monthly federal stipend for families with children.... Read more»

When private equity becomes your landlord

Amid a national housing crisis, giant private equity firms have been buying up apartment buildings en masse to squeeze them for profit, with the help of government-backed Freddie Mac. Meanwhile, tenants say they’re the ones paying the price. ... Read more»

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