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COVID sewage surveillance labs join the hunt for monkeypox

The same wastewater surveillance techniques that have emerged as a critical tool in early detection of COVID-19 outbreaks are being adapted for use in monitoring the startling spread of monkeypox.... Read more»

Republicans in Congress line up behind Trump after he says FBI searched Mar-a-Lago

Republicans in Congress fumed Tuesday in reaction to former President Donald Trump’s Monday evening statement that the FBI executed a search warrant at Mar-a-Lago, a copy of which has not yet been released by the former president.... Read more»

What the Devil won't tell you

Az AG Brnovich's threats to investment firm BlackRock a sign of GOP threats to come

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich is demanding private equity firm BlackRock "come clean" about its "leftist politics." Because apparently while Republican money is speech, funds invested with an eye to the long term are an anti-trust violation. ... Read more»

Biden administration ending 'Remain in Mexico' policy on asylum-seekers

Homeland Security officials said Monday they will wind down a Trump-era program, known as "Remain in Mexico," which requires asylum seekers to stay south of the border while their applications for protection wind through the U.S. immigration system. ... Read more»

Tucson moves to ban discrimination against renters based on income sources

Tucson's Housing Department is asking the public to read a draft ordinance and give feedback on a planned ban on refusing to rent or sell housing to anyone based on their source of income — such as housing vouchers or Social Security.... Read more»

Pima Supes vote 3-2 to challenge Arizona ban on local gun controls

Pima County supervisors voted 3-2 to prepare to sue the state of Arizona to lift a ban on local firearms regulations, calling gun violence a "public health crisis."... Read more»

Arizona Senate 'audit' leaders Doug Logan & Ben Cotton are facing Michigan criminal probe

Michigan AG Dana Nessel has petitioned to name a special prosecutor to investigate Doug Logan, Ben Cotton and others who falsely believed the election was stolen from Donald Trump and then set out to gather evidence by gaining access to ballot tabulators. ... Read more»

GOP talking point suggests birth control not at risk. Evidence suggests otherwise.

While no state has so far banned forms of contraception, the threat appears very real, and talking points by Republicans who oppose abortion — saying there’s “no way, shape, or form” that access to contraception is at risk — is not accurate. ... Read more»

Republicans threaten probe of DOJ after raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago

Democrats are emphasizing that no one is above the law while Republicans are threatening an investigation of the Justice Department and attorney general after the FBI searched former President Donald Trump's south Florida home on Monday.... Read more»

Navajo Nation presidential candidates Nez & Nygren announce VP running mates

The ballot for Navajo Nation president is set, as incumbent Jonathan Nez and challenger Buu Nygren both announced their vice presidential running mates at the Navajo Veterans Memorial Park in Window Rock on Monday.... Read more»

Fight over Az's Resolution Copper Mine drags on – and both sides expect more

Lawmakers, federal regulators and courts have been grappling with questions surrounding the Resolution Copper Mine since 2004 – and both sides agree that the debate is likely to continue for years to come.... Read more»


New photos suggest how Trump, flush with power, may have sent official documents down the toilet

Recently released photographs could be the first visual documentation of Donald Trump’s already-reported habit of flushing paperwork - but national archivists already have their work cut out trying to plug potential gaps in the 45th president’s historical record.... Read more»

Proof points: Researchers say cries of teacher 'shortages' are overblown

The reasons for different teacher shortages vary, and there never were shortages everywhere or among all types of teachers — now, some education researchers who study the teaching profession say the threat is exaggerated. ... Read more»


Mar-a-Lago raided: Search Trump's toilets!

The FBI has raided Mar-a-Lago. We learned this from Trump himself who made a very whiny post about it on his joke of a social media platform, Truth Social. He’s partly upset the FBI didn’t give him, a guy with a habit of flushing evidence, advance notice of their raid. ... Read more»

Monkeypox vaccines in short supply, Pima health officials warn, but more than 600 vaxxed

Pima County has vaccinated more than 600 residents who were at risk of contracting monkeypox, starting in early July, and the county is now running short although it expects to receive more doses in August.... Read more»

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