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Mar-a-Lago raided: Search Trump's toilets!

The FBI has raided Mar-a-Lago. We learned this from Trump himself who made a very whiny post about it on his joke of a social media platform, Truth Social. He’s partly upset the FBI didn’t give him, a guy with a habit of flushing evidence, advance notice of their raid. ... Read more»

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Woman gets 15 months in prison for high-speed chase

A 30-year-old Green Valley woman was sentenced Monday to 15 months in prison for an August high-speed chase involving the Border Patrol. ... Read more»

Buckmaster Show

Buckmaster: Is it possible to ward off Alzheimer's disease?

Today on Buckmaster - We start things off with a conversation with Nancy Young Wright, Democratic Candidate for Pima County Supervisor in District 1. Also, the Tuesday Money Maker Report with Certified Financial Planner Shelly Fishman. Plus, Alzheimer's researcher Dr. Al Kaszniak.... Read more»

Statehouse sees new effort to require booster seats for kids

Arizona is one of three states that don’t require booster seats after children graduate from car seats, but a Republican lawmaker said she’s determined to change that despite years of failed attempts at the Legislature.... Read more»

Az Senate Judiciary chairman won’t take up bill to repeal SB 1070

Calling the measure a “political ploy” and contrary to the wishes of most Arizonans, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee said Monday he won’t hear a Democratic senator’s bill to repeal SB 1070.... Read more»1

Napolitano touts border crackdown, urges Dream Act support

Calling the nation’s immigration laws “sorely outdated and in need of revision,” Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano pressed Monday for passage of the DREAM Act, saying it is the most-urgently needed change to immigration policy.... Read more»2

More than ton of pot found with stolen SUV

Tucson Sector Border Patrol agents found more than a ton of pot and a stolen SUV on Saturday after receiving a tip from an off-duty agent.... Read more»

State Rep. Matt Heinz jumps into race to fill Giffords' seat

While the Democrats continue to jockey behind the scenes to determine who should be given the nod to succeed the retired Gabrielle Giffords, one party member has stepped into the race: state Rep. Matt Heinz.... Read more»1

Guest opinion

Garcia: 'Water, water everywhere' is not the question

How can Arizona water policy sustain an arid state for the next 100 years?... Read more»1

Specialized rehab rare for brain-injured soldiers

Although 230,000 soldiers have been diagnosed with traumatic brain injuries, only 20 at a time get advanced personalized rehabilitation at a new state-of-the-art treatment center — and they must stay in the military to do so. ... Read more»

Mexican ambassador kidnapped, released in Venezuela

The quick kidnap and release of Mexico's ambassador to Venezuela Sunday night highlights the country's issues with security. Caracas is often listed amongst the most dangerous cities in the world, ranked alongside war zones.... Read more»

Buckmaster Show

Buckmaster: Brewer/Obama tarmac tiff divides Arizonans

Today on Buckmaster - It's the Monday Political Face-Off featuring commentators Bruce Ash and Paul Eckerstrom. Plus, a conversation with Dr. Gorden Ewy, head of the UA Sarver Heart Center.... Read more»

Loophole in nuclear bill may create risk of terrorist bomb

Nuclear experts have told Congress that a loophole in a bill meant to limit the use of bomb-grade uranium in medical isotopes could undo years of work to curb the risk of a terrorist nuclear bomb.... Read more»

A divide on the payoff of legalizing immigrants

Granting legal status to the illegal immigrants living in one of Texas' largest metropolitan areas would generate at least $1.4 billion a year in revenue for state and federal agencies, with Social Security and Medicare being the largest potential beneficiaries.... Read more»1

Oro Valley begins delivery of CAP water

Oro Valley began delivering CAP water to customers last week. The water is recharged and then pumped from recovery wells north to the town.... Read more»

Monday deadline to register to vote in GOP, Green Party primaries

Monday is the deadline to register to vote in Arizona's Republican and Green Party presidential primaries, which are set for Feb. 28. Early voting begins Feb. 2.... Read more»1

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