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Giffords, McCain to be honored next week with Presidential Medal of Freedom

Gabby Giffords and the late John McCain were among the 17 recipients of the Presidential Medal of Freedom announced Friday by the Biden administration, making them among the relatively few Arizonans to be honored with the nation's highest civilian honor.... Read more»

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Border Patrol wrapup

Injured man rescued after being abandoned in desert

Border Patrol agents rescued a 39-year old Mexican man after he was abandoned in the desert when he fell and broke his legs.... Read more»

Perry goes after 'prolific earmarker' Santorum

On the heels of the CNN/Time poll showing Rick Santorum climbing into third place in Iowa, Gov. Rick Perry took a swipe at him during the first stop of his bus tour Thursday.... Read more»

Will Mexico finally get tough on vigilantes?

In Mexico City, five police officers have been arrested for their alleged ties to a video that appears to show abuse of a suspect in custody. ... Read more»

Bachmann advisor flees to Paul camp

Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann received a big blow to her GOP presidential campaign when her top Iowa advisor announced Wednesday night that he would ditch her for Ron Paul of Texas.... Read more»

Buckmaster Show

Buckmaster: How to carry through on New Year's health resolutions

Today on Buckmaster - We talk New Year's health resolutions with Victoria Maizes, M.D., Executive Director of the University of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine. Then, it's a newsmaker interview with Rev. Robin Hoover, Founder of Humane Borders. Plus, the TREO CEO Interview Series continues with a conversation with Mara Aspinall, President and CEO of Ventana Medical Systems and Global Head of Roche Tissue Diagnostics.... Read more»

Public hearing Wed. on closing Tucson's postal sorting center

The Postal Service will take public comments on the potential closure of Tucson's mail sorting facility at a meeting Wednesday night. Hundreds of jobs could be lost here if USPS moves the center to Phoenix, bulk mail rates would rise, delivery times would grow longer. ... Read more»3

TUSD loses ethnic studies appeal

TUSD's Mexican American Studies classes violated state law, a state administrative law judge ruled Tuesday, ruling that 10 percent of the district's funding may be withheld. (with full ruling)... Read more»8

Buckmaster Show

Buckmaster: Rosemont Mine opponents expect pivotal 2012

Today on Buckmaster- We start things off with Terry Bracy, Buckmaster Show contributor on Washington and government affairs. Also, certified financial planner Shelly Fishman with the Tuesday Money Maker Report. Then, we've got a newsmaker interview with Gayle Hartmann of the Save the Scenic Santa Ritas.... Read more»

Second former ICE worker pleads guilty in kickback scheme

A former intelligence specialist with Immigration and Customs Enforcement pleaded guilty last week to embezzling more than $50,000, the second agency employee recently convicted in an unfolding travel voucher kickback scheme that stretches from Tucson to Washington.... Read more»1

Gangsters' paradise

For Costa Rica, a 'menace' like no other

Peaceful, laid-back, green-minded Costa Rica has long been an oasis in an otherwise-tough neighborhood — the “Switzerland of Central America." But with Mexican drug cartels competing to secure new trafficking routes to smuggle cocaine to the U.S., the murder rate in Central America is soaring, and UN data shows it's now the world's most violent region.... Read more»2

Guest opinion

Avast! SOPA a threat to free speech

When I first heard talk of SOPA, of course I thought of Mexican food. But the more I've learned about the Stop Online Piracy Act working its way through Congress, the more of a bad taste it leaves. The law would open a porthole to censorship, online disruption and more expensive Internet connections.... Read more»1


The Ryan plan: When Medicare isn't Medicare

Let’s say you have a Ford and decide to replace everything under the hood with Hyundai parts, including the engine and transmission. Could you still honestly market your car as a Ford? That question gets at the heart of the controversy over who is being more forthright about GOP Rep. Paul Ryan’s plan to “save” Medicare, Republicans or Democrats.... Read more»1

Guest opinion

Occupy Tucson: Open letter to Kozachik & Villaseñor

An open letter to Councilman Kozachik and TPD Chief Villaseñor, from organizer Shannon Cain: "We are Occupy Tucson, and this village isn't going anywhere."... Read more»22

McCain changes tune on support for Grand Canyon air tours

A quarter century has elapsed since Sen. John McCain championed a law to restore “natural quiet” in the Grand Canyon where the clatter of choppers and small planes reverberated as they ferried sightseers. Today, he defends air tour operators — including one of his biggest campaign backers — against what he sees as overzealous restrictions... Read more»2

Mexico captures El Chapo's henchman

Mexico’s Sinaloa drug cartel’s security chief has been captured, the country’s army said Sunday. ... Read more»

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