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Postal Service no longer looking at shuttering Tucson's Cherrybell mail center

The U.S. Postal Service said Thursday it will no longer consider closing down Tucson's Cherrybell mail sorting station, after the plant was listed for closure for the past decade. ... Read more»

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Obama makes change to birth-control rule

The Obama administration announced Friday a change to the new rule requiring employers to offer health insurance that fully covers birth control, in an attempt to accommodate religious groups opposed to the rule.... Read more»3

Military suicides high even as wars wind down

Even as the wars of Iraq and Afghanistan wind down, the U.S. military remains embroiled in what seems to be a losing battle: the fight against the growing number of suicides by active duty troops, and Iraq or Afghanistan veterans.... Read more»1

Driver's license, insurance proof could be an app away

Fumbling for your wallet during a traffic stop could be a thing of the past if a state lawmaker has his way. He's proposed doing away with paper and plastic in favor of a tap on a smartphone.... Read more»

Labor leaders cry foul over bills on public-worker unions

Advocates of organized labor demonstrated against the four bills in the Senate targeting public-employee unions Thursday at at the State Capitol.... Read more»

Bill to use conservation fund for fire-damaged forests draws ire

The Arizona State Parks Board and an environmental group are objecting to a state lawmaker’s plan that would tap a voter–approved fund intended for land conservation to help fund the restoration of forests devastated by wildfires.... Read more»

McCain pushes land swap for Resolution mine

Sen. John McCain demanded Thursday that Congress approve a bill to swap thousands of acres of federal land and clear the way for a copper mine that could result in thousands of jobs in southeast Arizona. But opponents said the proposed Resolution Copper Co. mine at Oak Flat would destroy sacred tribal land.... Read more»3

Smart v. Stupid

U.S. Constitution: Bishops don’t get a veto

While Catholic bishops try to steamroll the Constitution, Republicans gleefully follow behind.... Read more»13

Navajo official: EPA rule threatens thousands of jobs

Power plants on Navajo Nation land need more time to meet new emissions standards or they could be forced to close, throwing thousands of Navajo out of work and costing the tribe millions, an official said Wednesday.... Read more»

FBI releases file on Steve Jobs

The FBI released a 191-page file on the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs on Thursday, which includes details of a federal background check, a bomb threat, and second-hand reports of drug use.... Read more»

Buckmaster Show

Buckmaster: TIA hopeful incentives will mean more air service

Today on Buckmaster - We get an update on travel at Tucson International Airport from Dick Gruntzel. Then, gardening expert Phil Seader on the one year anniversary of the "big freeze." Next, Republican Dave Sitton talks about why his bid for congress. And to close out the show, we've got a newsmaker interview with Oro Valley Mayor Satish Hiremath.... Read more»

Az to get $1.6B in foreclosure settlement

Arizona will receive $1.6 billion of a $25-billion multistate settlement with five banks over mortgage lending practices and foreclosures, giving many borrowers some relief, the state Attorney General's Office announced Thursday.... Read more»1

Guest opinion

Redistricting bills take power-grabbing to a new level

Five pieces of new legislation —introduced by Rep. Andy Tobin and passed out of committee this week — have taken power-grabbing to a whole new level, and would set redistricting back to a time of shadowy legislative deals.... Read more»1

Military to bolster presence on border

The military's presence along the Mexican border will be bolstered this month when more troops and equipment are deployed to Southern Arizona... Read more»1

Ron Barber running for Congress, has Giffords' support

Ron Barber, the former district director for U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, said Thursday that he will run to fill the seat vacated by the congresswoman. Giffords is backing his run, and he has not yet decided whether to run in the fall CD2 election. (with video)... Read more»2

Legislature looking at grab bag of hunting laws

Some state lawmakers are out to guarantee that hunters can use silencers. Others want to eliminate size limits on hunters’ gun magazines. One wants to outlaw hunting remotely by computer.... Read more»

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