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Chad Campbell, pictured here in 2014, will be Gov. Katie Hobbs' new chief of staff.

After several staff shake ups in the past few months, Gov. Katie Hobbs has hired former Arizona House of Representatives Democratic Leader Chad Campbell as her new chief of staff. Read more»

Reclaim Your Future is a state-funded expungement effort that provides free legal help to those looking for help obtaining it in Phoenix, Tucson and Flagstaff.

Some convictions for marijuana sales are eligible for expungement under Proposition 207 - which legalized the drug for adult use - the Arizona Court of Appeals ruled, ruling voters must have meant to include transportation of marijuana for sales to be eligible for expungement. Read more»

Challenging a denial can take hours of patients’ and doctors’ time, and many people don’t have the knowledge or stamina to take on the task, unless the bill is especially large or the treatment obviously lifesaving.

Millions of Americans in the past few years have filed a health care insurance claim that once might have been paid immediately but now is denied, and the Department of Health and Human Services - tasked with with monitoring denials - hasn’t fulfilled that assignment. Read more»

The U.S. Department of Agriculture, which administers SNAP, analyzes the number of beneficiaries and any changes to the program. Nutrition programs make up the majority of the multi-year omnibus legislation referred to as the farm bill.

The debt ceiling deal struck by President Joe Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy showed concessions from both sides, and preserves in part new work requirements for some food stamp recipients but now with exceptions for certain populations, including veterans. Read more»

President Joe Biden greets House Speaker Kevin McCarthy as he arrives to deliver his 2023 State of the Union address on the House floor of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C.

Critical of the deal on the debt ceiling that's been struck with the White House, Republican lawmakers say they can wield the same leverage they used to install Kevin McCarthy as speaker of the House to strip him of his party leadership. Read more»

Congress began moving the bipartisan debt limit package forward Tuesday, though frustrations with provisions in the bill could make for narrow passage in the U.S. House and U.S. Senate. Read more»

Arizona state Sen. Janae Shamp.

A Republican state senator who denied that a COVID conspiracy hearing she spearheaded last week that was marketed with a QAnon acronym had anything to do with the dangerous conspiracy theory had, in fact, posted lots of QAnon content on social media — including the very acronym used by the committee. Read more»

Proposed Interstate 11 corridor between Saguaro National Park and Ironwood Forest National Monument.

A judge rejected arguments from federal officials attempting to unravel a lawsuit by environmental groups over the proposed Interstate 11 plan, including two possible routes that could carve through "pristine desert" west of Tucson. Read more»

Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy promised his party he'd play hardball during negotiations with Joe Biden over the debt ceiling. So what's with all the Nerf? Read more»

Census data shows that Pinal County had two of the fastest-growing cities in the nation from 2021 to 2022, and a housing boom to match. Its 3.5% rise in housing units was fastest in the state.

The number of housing units in Pinal County grew to 185,650 as of last summer, the fastest rate in the state with an estimated 3.5% increase from July 2021 to July 2022, echoing the population increases experienced in Maricopa County. Read more»

Supporters of the Supreme Court ruling that narrowed the scope of the Clean Water Act said it reins in overzealous regulators who considered dry washes and seasonal streams subject to oversight. But critics say the change poses a significant threat in states like Arizona, where water, like the San Pedro River here, 'is ever so precious.'

Ranchers and Republican lawmakers are welcoming a Supreme Court ruling that narrows the range of waters subject to federal regulation, calling it a win for private property rights - but environmental groups say the ruling will be “disastrous for Arizona." Read more»

Negotiators included a provision that would ensure there isn’t another fiscal crisis when Congress must pass 12 appropriations bills by October to keep the government funded into the next fiscal year.

House Republicans pushed the U.S. to the edge of a fiscal crisis because they wanted deep cuts in spending - but the budget was designed to appeal to enough Republicans and Democrats to get it through Congress and does hardly anything to address America’s debt problem. Read more»

An aircraft drops slurry on the Museum Fire near Flagstaff.

A federal judge in Montana partially sided with environmentalists, agreeing that the Forest Service violated the Clean Water Act by discharging aerially deployed fire retardant into waterways without a permit, but allowed the continued use of aerial retardants while obtaining a permit. Read more»

This is a VCR (video cassette recorder) like the one Amphitheater Unified School District's Governing Board will vote to sell in a week where there is just one, rather dull, local public meeting.

Local elected leaders will hold just one meeting this week, when the Amphitheater Unified School District Governing Board will discuss an update to how the district uses testing to place students in grades. Read more»

Candles at a protest over deaths at the Pima County jail in May 2022.

A 38-year-old man died at a hospital Thursday, five days after he began a suicide attempt at the Pima County Jail. Read more»

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