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Cabin Fever Chronicles: Your stories of coping with coronavirus in Tucson

TucsonSentinel.com's "Cabin Fever Chronicles" is the place to share stories and thoughts about how you and your family are coping with restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic.... Read more»

What are your stories of the year?

Well, the world didn't end, and we're about to flip the page on 2012. What were the biggest local stories of the year? Let us know your thoughts.... Read more»

Open thread: Who are you voting for?

It's Election Day, but tens of thousands of Southern Arizonans have already cast their votes. Whether you've returned an early ballot, waited for Election Day, or just plain haven't made up your mind (yet, really?!), tell us your thoughts on election 2012.... Read more»7

Comic: Seventeen Words For Snow

Lost in the Mojave Desert

It seems to me that if I had a choice between continuing to wander a forbidding desert or heading due west to La La Land., it might take me awhile to make up my mind.... Read more»3

City of Tucson

Text of Mayor Walkup's 'State of the City' speech

Text of Mayor Walkup's 'State of the City' address, as prepared for delivery. "For generations, men and women from all over the world have chosen Tucson to be their home. They choose Tucson for jobs, health, military service, climate, culture, safety, education and inspiration."... Read more»

Obama's speech

Join us for streaming State of the Union video and live chat

TucsonSentinel.com will offer live streaming video of the State of the Union and a live chat during the address. Join us at 7 p.m. to cheer and jeer, praise and dispute, advise and dissent while the president speaks.... Read more»