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In April 2021, FEMA offered to reimburse funeral expenses for COVID victims - up to $9,000 - and though the federal government has paid more than $2 billion to cover funeral costs, fewer than half of eligible families have started applications. Read more»

The 2020 census missed nearly 1 of every 17 Native Americans who live on reservations, an undercount that could lead to insufficient federal funding for essential health, nutrition, and social programs in remote communities with high poverty rates. Read more»

Women who use period-tracking apps should be aware of the risk of using the technology while considering the benefit it brings to their life.

After a draft opinion from the Supreme Court indicating that Roe v. Wade would be overturned, people were expressing concerns about the privacy of period-tracking app information - now, experts answer questions on data access and usage. Read more»

As COVID hospitalization rates stabilize, at least for now, and federal and state COVID relief funding dries up, travel nurse contracts that were plentiful and lucrative are vanishing and hospitals nationwide are focused on recruiting full-time nurses. Read more»

In addition to the drug tier, what patients pay can also depend on the pharmacy, their deductible, their copayment or coinsurance — and whether they opt to abandon their insurance and pay cash.

As early as three weeks after Medicare’s drug plan enrollment period ends on Dec. 7, insurance plans can change what they charge for prescription drugs - and they can do it repeatedly, leaving recipients in the dark on their monthly out-of-pocket cost. Read more»

Treatment locators not only need to maintain accurate information, but also should alter their models to allow people to do everything in one place: learn about addiction, research treatment providers, and enroll in care seamlessly.

The website launched in 2019 to help hundreds of thousands of Americans affected by addiction has critical flaws - inaccurate information, lack of filtering options, and little guidance on how to identify high-quality treatment - that are overdue for attention. Read more»

Since Vaught’s arrest in 2019, there have been at least seven other incidents of hospital staffers searching medication cabinets with three or fewer letters and then administering or nearly administering the wrong drug.

Nurse RaDonda Vaught was prosecuted this year in an extremely rare criminal trial for a medical mistake, but the drug mix-up at the center of her case is anything but rare and the technological vulnerability that made the error possible still persists. Read more»

Vaccinations are central to public health efforts at disease control.

They are among the more than 520 vaccine-related bills introduced in statehouses nationwide since Jan. 1 - with 66 specifically relate to childhood vaccine requirements in 25 states - as the anti-vaccine movement gained momentum amid the pandemic. Read more»

En los últimos años, los suplementos de melatonina se han convertido en una ayuda para dormir cada vez más común en los niños, pero la Academia Estadounidense de Medicina del Sueño recomienda no usar melatonina para el insomnio crónico. Read more»

In recent years, melatonin supplements have become an increasingly common child sleep aid that in the U.S. requires no prescription - but the American Academy of Sleep Medicine recommends against the use of melatonin for chronic insomnia. Read more»

The American Rescue Plan Act provides $122 billion for ventilation inspections and upgrades in schools, as well as $350 billion to state and local governments for a range of community-level pandemic recovery efforts, including ventilation and filtration.

A growing coalition of epidemiologists and aerosol scientists say that improved ventilation could be a powerful tool against the coronavirus — if businesses are willing to invest the money. Read more»

Public health experts worry the ruling that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had overstepped its authority in requiring masks on public transportation, unless overturned, will hamper the agency’s ability to respond to future virus outbreaks. Read more»

The Food and Drug Administration on Thursday, Dec. 16, 2021 loosened some restrictions on the pill mifepristone, allowing it to be dispensed by more pharmacies.

A wave of health care providers are getting licensed in multiple states so they can use telemedicine and mail-order pharmacies to help more women get medication abortions - but they’re increasingly being stymied by state regulations. Read more»

Staffing shortages in Medicaid agencies around the country come as states will soon need to review the eligibility of tens of millions of people enrolled in the program - a herculean effort that will kick off once the COVID-19 public health emergency declaration expires. Read more»

RaDonda Vaught, a former nurse criminally prosecuted for a fatal drug error in 2017, was convicted of gross neglect of an impaired adult and negligent homicide - and medical professionals across the country worry it could set a precedent of criminalizing medical mistakes. Read more»

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