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Peter Jackson with the shirt he was wearing Saturday.

Peter Jackson expected to ruffle some feathers when he showed up at a Republican event in Green Valley on Saturday wearing a “Jail Trump” hat and a “Black Lives Matter” t-shirt. What he didn’t expect was to be on the receiving end of a right hook by an upset woman, knocked to the ground by a U.S. Senate candidate, and tossed into the breezeway, where he laid on the sidewalk injured until deputies arrived. Read more»

As the Sunnyside School District Governing Board president, an outspoken community activist in the fight for equity, and somebody who has a long history of mentoring at-risk youth, I have some concerns about the FDA's proposed ban on menthol cigarettes. Read more»

As the COVID-19 pandemic extends into a third year, experts have gained a much better understanding of its consequences for the health and development of children and adolescents, and engagement with young people improves decision-making outcomes. Read more»

The No Surprises Act, passed in hopes of ending surprise medical bills, was hijacked by the healthcare insurance industry and filled with loopholes - and what was a bipartisan success story is now a national threat to patient care. Read more»

Supreme Court building, Washington.

The Supreme Court opinion in Shinn v. Ramirez that decided two Arizona death penalty cases held that federal courts must not intervene to develop a factual record when counsel fails to present evidence, potentially sending innocent people to their deaths. Read more»

Avery Xola

Everyone cherishes the memory of the first time they ever voted, but mine was especially memorable because I was stationed in Ramstein, Germany, with the U.S. Air Force. I cast my first vote thanks to the Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act. Read more»

Being a pedestrian or cyclist in Tucson is deadly, and it has taken away too many lives. Read more»

In recent years states around the country have passed a rapid succession of anti-protest laws related to fossil fuel projects, along with ag-gag laws to shroud factory farms in secrecy and other regulations designed to minimize public participation and knowledge.

To protect communities from environmental harms caused by corporate polluters, lax oversight, and poor enforcement of existing laws, an increased effort needs to be made at uncovering environmental crimes, and holding those responsible accountable. Read more»

A soft landing may out of the Fed’s reach.

With inflation surging to a new 40-year high and continuing to accelerate, the Fed is expected to lift interest rates a planned seven times in 2022 to cool demand and slow rising prices - but there is a likelihood of a recession in the not too distant future. Read more»

An ADOT crew puts up a sign on US 93 in 2014.

Building I-11 through Avra Valley would mean more costly suburban sprawl far away from where existing jobs and services are, along with environmental disruption, disturbing a wildlife corridor and the rural lifestyle of residents, and potential contamination of Tucson's water supply. Read more»

We landed the pilot episode of "Duster" thanks to our ability to connect the producers with affordable hotels, cinematic locations, and our hard-working local crew base. But due to our lack of state film incentives, we're unsure if the rest of the show will come to Tucson. Read more»

Supervisor Steve Christy at the April 5 meeting of the Pima County Board of Supervisors.

"Jan Lesher's tenure as Pima County administrator is off to a rocky start, marked by an inability to step out of Chuck Huckelberry's shadow to chart her own course, and clouded by the suspicion of her being a willing participant in keeping public information hidden." Read more»

We have many disused old motels here in Tucson, so we have an opportunity to buy more properties like the Wildcat Inn. If we’ve got a million and a half dollars to spend, I’d much rather buy one of those that spend it on a temporary solution such as a sanctioned camping area. Read more»

The Central Arizona Project canal north of Tucson near Picacho Peak State Park, 2018.

As Arizona’s Colorado River crisis becomes more intractable, I wonder what it will take for some honest information on the extent of water shortage we’re facing. It would be nice to have a community conversation before the next tier of rationing hits. Read more»

By all scientific accounts, the environmental crisis that activists highlighted more than half a century ago with the first Earth Day is much more dire today, yet network news anchors from 1970 were in many ways ahead of where journalists are now. Read more»

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