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The partisan control of election administration in the states now serves to erode public trust and intensify partisan gamesmanship, which in turn further erodes public trust.

U.S. elections long relied on the two-party system of political checks and balances to ensure the legitimacy of results - but now, the public’s mistrust of elections is combining with changes to election law and a major shift away from party affiliation to endanger the integrity of elections. Read more»

"As long-time development professionals in Southern Arizona, we are always mindful of the delicate balance needed between growth and protection of the environment. Because we are committed to sustainable and sound development practices, we support Kirsten Engel for Congress." Read more»

When the fixed categories of a census erase the diversity of a population, the gross miscalculations that result may harm a country’s ability to appropriately respond to the needs of its people.

The Census Bureau argues that its categories capture the heritage of the 62.6 million Hispanics that flourish in the U.S. - but heritage that stems from one of the hundreds of Indigenous or Afro-descended groups in Latin America remain outside of the way the U.S. counts race. Read more»

Hand-counted paper ballots erases the people who — because of physical disabilities, intellectual differences, or a host of other challenges ­— find it difficult or impossible to cast a paper ballot by hand.

People across the country are insisting counties stop using voting machines and tabulators, instead casting and counting all ballots by hand - but in pushing this, it’s clear proponents simply do not see the existence of disabled voters or their need for dignity in the voting process. Read more»

Hi Corbett Field at Reid Park

Reid Park's ballfields have been an "equalizer" between poor kids from the wrong side of the tracks and those from rich families for at least 65 years. They shouldn't be ripped out for a "Hammock Grove." — Tucson teacher Andy Morales Read more»

A court filing by the Justice Department just minutes before midnight on Aug. 30 says documents seized by the FBI don’t belong to former President Donald Trump and someone has deliberately concealed documents marked classified from a federal grand jury. Read more»

Road work in early March 2022 on East Ft. Lowell Road.

The Sentinel published a guest opinion by the Complete Streets Coordinating Council, regarding sorely needed improvements to 1st Avenue. Unfortunately, the opinion included an incomplete representation of actions by the RTA’s Technical Management Committee and its Project Review Taskforce, which we co-chair. Read more»

Road work in early March 2022 on East Ft. Lowell Road.

This community has an opportunity to save lives and make Tucson safer by improving and modernizing a three-mile section of 1st Avenue between Grant and River roads. Read more»

The Colorado River Indian Tribe has a large share of Colorado River water rights, with much of the reservation under hay production.

The Colorado River, which supplies water to more than 40 million Americans and supports food production for the rest of the country, is in imminent peril - but the hidden, underground water crisis might be even worse. Read more»

Staff at the Pima County Elections Department prepare ballots for counting on Oct. 17, 2020 after they were processed by the County Recorder’s Office for the Nov. 2020 election.

Everyone wants elections to be fast, accurate, and cheap, but you can't have all three. Pick two of those. You can’t have three. But some candidates - such as Arizona GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake - haven’t gotten the message. Read more»

The Central Arizona Project crosses a barren stretch of desert just north of Bouse, Ariz., after water from the Colorado River is diverted from Lake Havasu.

In June, Bureau of Reclamation Commissioner Camille Touton told the U.S. Senate that states using the Colorado River Basin for their water supply have 60 days to create an emergency plan to cut their water usage by 2 to 4 million acre-feet. Read more»

An electric stove is more than twice as efficient as a gas stove, and induction stoves are even more efficient.

New research suggests that natural gas is not the “clean” alternative the industry touts, and a gas stove is likely polluting your home and contributing to climate change. Read more»

Flags touting sayings such as 'Don’t blame me I voted for Trump' fly from a cart at a September 2021 rally put on by the Arizona Republican Party to hear the results of the 'audit' of the 2020 election.

This week’s primaries helped show something: The January 6 hearings may well not end the Big Lie. The Big Lie is more than Trump now, and it is more than a revisionist project about the 2020 election. Read more»

Customs and Border Protection officers after the January 2019 seizure of 650 pounds of fentanyl and methamphetamines in Nogales. Experts say an increase in the availability of such deadly drugs, combined with the isolation of the COVID-19 pandemic, led to historic levels of drug overdoses in the U.S. in 2020.

For too long, we've played politics with the public health threat of fentanyl. It's time we addressed it with science-based solutions and raised awareness that cuts through the political talking points. Read more»

Strikers in Bisbee's Warren Ballpark, having been forced there at gunpoint by a vigilante posse.

"For 14 years I have claimed Bisbee as my home. But after Thursday, the 12th day of July. I hang my head in shame and sorrow for the sights I have witnessed here. When the full truth reaches the outside world, it will be looked upon with deserved aversion." — Rosa McKay, writing in 1917 of the now infamous Bisbee Deportation Read more»

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