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Players and sports organizations have expressed worry that expanded gambling could lead to harassment and compromise their safety.

Analysts estimate the anticipated growth in sports gambling may reach over US$167 billion by 2029 - and many are concerned the increase of sports betting could potentially put athletes in danger of threats from disgruntled gamblers who blame them for their gambling losses. Read more»

Arizonans are losing control of their government. As the nation celebrates National Sunshine Week, March 12-18, all indicators point to an alarming trend of increasing government secrecy, including in our state. Read more»

There is a lot of misinformation about what it means to be transgender, and what it means for a family to have a transgender kid.

Some Arizona politicians have decided families with deep roots in the state are not welcome — simply because a family member is transgender. Read more»

The trans pride flag flying at the author’s home.

The right-wing war on transgender and gender non-conforming people has escalated to a new, very dangerous level. Last weekend at CPAC, Michael Knowles railed against transgender people, telling the crowd, “For the good of society, transgenderism must be eradicated from public life entirely.” The people in attendance applauded as he smirked. Read more»

"A proposed amendment to the Arizona Constitution, if passed, would mean choices that voters have made for Tucson would be null and void and would limit our ability to govern ourselves in the future." — Tucson City Councilman Paul Cunningham Read more»

"I’m incredibly excited for what the future holds and am honored to represent our community in Congress." — U.S. Rep. Juan Ciscomani Read more»

Many singles have close friendships which are just as valuable as romantic partnerships. But assumptions that friendships are less significant than romantic partnerships hide their value.

There’s nothing wrong with celebrating romantic love, but the focus on such celebrations drowns out the voices of those who are fine as they are - single and happily so. Read more»

Exclusion of essential topics presents an inauthentic, sanitized version of African American studies in order to make the course palatable for white politicians like Gov. Ron DeSantis, who banned the course — before the revisions — in Florida last month.

Following the College Board’s decision to buckle under political pressure and strip their Advanced Placement African-American studies course of essential topics - and similar sanitization in its AP American history course - will help usher in a new era of ignorance. Read more»

"El sueño americano no se trata solo de éxito financiero. Se trata de ser libre de alcanzar nuestra felicidad. Y es por eso que el sueño americano es un sueño en el que creo firmemente." — U.S. Rep. Juan Ciscomani Read more»

"Because the soul of this nation is strong, because the backbone of this nation is strong, because the people of this nation are strong, the State of the Union is strong. As I stand here tonight, I have never been more optimistic about the future of America. We just have to remember who we are." — President Joe Biden Read more»

As we enter Black History Month, we have an opportunity to spotlight Black history which is American history, and reaffirm our commitment to Black joy, Black futures, and ensure a thriving Black community here in Tucson. Read more»

"Barring a miracle from nature, it will likely get worse before it gets better. This should be a wake-up call for all of us, because it will take all of us to solve it." — Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs Read more»

While 70% of American adults describe climate change as an important concern, only 10% say they volunteered for an activity focused on addressing climate change or contacted an elected official about it in the previous year.

Global warming has increased the number of extreme weather events around the world by 400% since the 1980s, but there is a lack of of serious effort to combat the climate crisis - and one main reason is the public doesn’t believe in its own political power enough or use it. Read more»

The holidays often involve jubilant gift exchanges, renewed connections with family and friends, and treasured traditions, but can also be accompanied by a host of stressors - perhaps people can find balance by taking a few cultural cues from the Danes. Read more»

A candle is lit on each day of Kwanzaa to celebrate each of the Seven Principles: unity, self-determination, collective work and responsibility, cooperative economics (building Black businesses), purpose, creativity and faith.

The weeklong celebrations of Kwanzaa, beginning on Dec. 26 this year, are a time of communal self-affirmation for the African-American community and a recognition that knowledge of Black history is worthwhile. Read more»

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