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Many migrants won’t be eligible for asylum under the new rules, and others who are caught crossing illegally could be deported under Title 8 and face tougher consequences, including a five-year ban on re-entry and criminal prosecution.

Migrants who arrive at the U.S.-Mexico border without first seeking protection in a country they passed through – or without first applying online – will largely be denied asylum under a new immigration order that’s set to go into effect when Title 42 expires. Read more»

Migrants gather in an informal camp in El Paso, north of the Rio Grande and south of the border wall near Gate 40, on Friday, May 5.

As Title 42 enters what is supposed to be its final week, migrants waiting in Juárez for an opportunity to enter the United States have lost much of their hope that the end of the pandemic-era policy will make reaching their destination any easier. Read more»

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers placed barbed wire and other barriers at the Paso del Norte Bridge Sunday as Venezuelan migrants gathered in response to false reports that they might be able to enter the United States without an appointment.

Frustrated by the failures of a U.S. government immigration app and a difficult existence on the streets of Juárez, hundreds of mostly Venezuelan migrants rushed to the top of the Paso del Norte Bridge to learn if a rumor about the border being temporarily opened was true. Read more»

Large groups of migrants cross the Rio Grande into El Paso on Saturday, Sept. 10.

A proposed immigration measure would all but eliminate access to asylum to those who arrive at the U.S-Mexico border without first seeking protection from their home country or in a country they travel through on their way to the United States. Read more»

El Paso's federal courthouse.

More than 3½ years after he walked into the Cielo Vista Walmart, massacred 23 people and broke El Paso’s heart, Patrick Crusius pleaded guilty in federal court Wednesday to various hate crimes and weapons charges. Read more»

Emergency workers spray down a Chevrolet Tahoe at the scene of a fatal crash involving a U.S. Border Patrol pursuit in Santa Teresa, New Mexico, on July 27, 2022.

Come May, border law enforcement agents will be prohibited from engaging in vehicle pursuit solely on the grounds of a vehicle failing to stop at a checkpoint or yielding to an agent attempting to pull it over, in an attempt to reduce incidents that have led to dozens of deaths. Read more»

Volunteers serve coffee to migrants outside of Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Nogales on Tuesday.

With Trump-era pandemic restrictions known as Title 42 expected to possibly expire in February, cities along the Southern border - including Nogales and Yuma - are continuing to strategize and prepare for another influx of migrants. Read more»

President Joe Biden descends from Air Force One as he arrives for his first official visit to the border on Sunday, Jan. 8.

President Joe Biden arrived in El Paso Sunday for a three-hour visit at a time when the city has been the focal point of a national debate over how the United States deals with immigration. Read more»

A bird’s-eye view of the Fort Bliss emergency intake shelter for unaccompanied migrant children in September 2021 shows rows of white, warehouse-size soft-sided tents.

Hundreds of unaccompanied migrant children at an emergency intake shelter at Fort Bliss either faced unnecessary delays in being reunited with their families or were released to family or sponsors who had not had adequate background checks, an internal federal report shows. Read more»

Government social media accounts generally are run by agency employees in communications and community roles.

The El Paso region of U.S. Customs and Border Protection is deactiving its Twitter account after it was used Saturday to promote political and homophobic content - though the agency did not identify which employee was using the Twitter account at the time of the retweets and likes. Read more»

Migrants were detained in U.S. Border Patrol custody longer than allowed in October 2021, according to a new report by the DHS Office of Inspector General. But the El Paso Central Processing Center was not overcrowded and had sufficient cell space, the report states.

Hundreds of migrants at Border Patrol detention facilities in El Paso last fall were held in custody beyond the three-day limit – and for more than a month in some cases - with some being transported to Yuma, the Rio Grande Valley or the Big Bend area. Read more»

Johnny, right, and his son hold on to Simba as the pup frantically licks at their faces during their reunion at the El Paso International Airport.

A family seeking political asylum in the United States was reunited with Simba, the dog they brought on their four-month journey from Venezuela - much of it on foot - after being separated in El Paso. Read more»

A Southwest Coalition for Life van was parked outside a future Las Cruces abortion clinic during an anti-abortion rally on Tuesday.

In response to a growing number of out-of-state patients, abortion providers have sought to ramp up capacity in New Mexico by opening new clinics and telehealth services in the state - as anti-abortion advocates turn their attention to states that protect abortion rights. Read more»

A 1901 photo of Wong Kim Ark, required as a condition of his bond after his arrest in El Paso.

Wong Kim Ark has the unique distinction as perhaps the only person with a Supreme Court ruling declaring him, by name, a citizen of the United States — but that didn’t prevent an immigration official from arresting him and beginning deportation proceedings. Read more»

A Border Patrol agent's shoulder patch.

The Supreme Court’s recent Egbert v. Boule decision is a Pandora’s box that the American borderland will now have to face as 20,000 Border Patrol agents have now been granted an immunity never before seen. Read more»

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