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UA President Robert Robbins during a press conference on March 27, 2023 explaining the release of an independent review of the October 2022 shooting on campus.

The University of Arizona Faculty Senate said they had "no confidence" in President Robert Robbins and his administration, approving a motion Monday criticizing the university's leadership for a lack of due diligence to ensure the safety of slain Professor Thomas Meixner. Read more»

Muslim students may request special accommodations during the Islamic month of fasting.

Muslim students are a part of a 60% majority of students in public schools who say that religion is important in their lives, and Ramadan – the Islamic period of fasting – and public schools are moving toward greater recognition of the sacred month. Read more»

Academy Award winner, Arizona native and deaf actor Troy Kotsur testifies before the Senate Government Committee on March 29, 2023, urging lawmakers to continue the Arizona School for the Deaf and Blind for eight years, as Sen. Jake Hoffman listens.

Competing bills to allow the Arizona School for the Deaf and Blind to remain open were both heard in the state Senate on Wednesday as parents, teachers and former students pushed for lawmakers to keep the school open. Read more»

The federal Pell Grant, which mostly goes to families with annual incomes under $40,000, now covers about 25 percent of college costs, down from 69 percent in the 1970s.

Though lower-income students generally still pay less than higher-income ones, nearly 700 universities and colleges have, over the last decade, raised the prices paid by their lowest-income students more than the prices paid by their highest-income ones. Read more»

Holding a red folder, UA President Robert C. Robbins presented the PAX Group report during a press conference Monday afternoon.

The University of Arizona had a series of systemic failures, including "missed opportunities and mistakes" that ultimately led to the October fatal shooting of Prof. Thomas Meixner, said UA President Robert C. Robbins. The Meixner family is preparing to sue for $9 million. Read more»

Tucson Unified School District continues push to increase participation in advanced classes.

Tucson Unified School District will propose a strategy to get 40 percent of enrolled students to take at least some advanced learning by 2027. Plus more in local government meetings this week. Read more»

In 1943, the court ruled that compelling children to say the Pledge of Allegiance was unconstitutional and violated freedom of speech and religion.

An Arizona bill that requires students’ to recite the Pledge of Allegiance has continued to make its way toward becoming law, though it doesn't include any penalties, leaving an open question as to what would happen to a student, teacher or school that refuses to participate. Read more»

Republicans pushed back on criticism that the bill would bans books, but many Republicans used books about the LGBTQ+ community as examples of books that should not be allowed in schools.

U.S. House Republicans on Friday passed a bill designed to empower parents to inspect books and other teaching materials in local public schools, but Democrats sharply criticized the measure, saying it would censor teachers and ban books. Read more»

Even though the private student loan market is much smaller than the federal one, it’s still very large — more than $127 billion is owed by private student loan borrowers, and delinquencies have been rising over the past two years.

A federal judge ruled that former students from more than 150 colleges who had filed a borrower defense to repayment claim were entitled to automatic loan cancellation - but when the final legal hurdle was cleared, tens of thousands of private-loan borrowers were left out. Read more»

The single-page document by Garland directed the Federal Bureau of Investigation to be on alert for 'a disturbing spike in harassment, intimidation, and threats of violence' aimed at local school officials and teachers.

U.S. House Republicans continued to press accusations that a “woke agenda” is deteriorating parents’ rights, targeting a memo by Attorney General Merrick Garland instructing federal law enforcement to open lines of communication on threats to local school board members. Read more»

Marisol Garcia discusses the 'Educators’ Budget' proposed by Arizona’s largest teacher’s union, the Arizona Education Association on March 22, 2023. Garcia is the union’s president.

Arizona is ranked one of the worst states for school spending, and teachers are urging lawmakers to rectify that through increased funding, unveiling a $2.2 billion “Educators’ Budget” on Wednesday. Read more»

Legislation reauthorizing the school, which serves some 2,100 students at campuses in Phoenix and Tucson, unanimously cleared the state House of Representatives on Feb. 21, but has inexplicably stalled in the Senate, where it hasn't yet been considered. Read more»

The dialect is still being shaped as the population of the state grows and people add the way they speak into the melting pot.

Arizona dialects stand as a living memorial to the forces that have shaped the state, and a survey by the Writing Tips Institute shows 57% of Arizonans polled supported the idea of the Arizona dialect “be made official by law (in order to protect it from dying out).” Read more»

The statue of Winged Victory atop the Arizona Capitol is lit red in recognition of National Missing and Murdered Indigenous Persons on May 5, 2022. The date was established in 2017 to bring awareness to the high rate of violence Native American women and girls face.

As a way to address the unique challenges Indigenous communities face concerning human trafficking, the Arizona Attorney General’s Office has entered into a partnership with the Inter Tribal Council of Arizona to launch a first-of-its-kind Train the Trainer program. Read more»

The new proposal builds on a law passed last year that requires all public school librarians, with some exceptions that SB1700 would eliminate, to post every newly purchased book on the school’s website and provide parents with a detailed list of books their child has checked out.

The Arizona Senate on Monday approved Senate Bill 1700 - which gives parents the power to request the removal of any book that “promotes” gender fluidity or the use of gender pronouns - on a 16-12 vote, with Republicans providing all of the votes in favor. Read more»

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