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Republican state Sen. Anthony Kern stands next to an LED screen truck at a protest of a Glendale elementary school district board’s decision not to renew a student teaching contract with a religious university because of its requirement that its students commit to an anti-LGBTQ statement of faith. Kern, who represents Glendale, gathered and led a group of protestors on March 9, 2023.

Republican lawmakers are taking sides in Arizona school board conflicts to advance their battle against perceived leftist agendas in the classroom, and public school advocates say when political rhetoric takes center stage, the education community suffers. Read more»

The measure was approved by the state Senate with only Republican support on a vote of 16-13, but is unlikely to make it past Gov. Katie Hobbs.

Republican lawmakers advanced a measure that would put Arizona teachers behind bars if they so much as recommend a book to students that is considered too “sexually explicit,” after claiming schools all over Arizona are “sexualizing” students. Read more»

Public education has become a major cause for the GOP, mainly in Republican-controlled state legislatures and at local school board meetings.

Gov. Katie Hobbs has issued her 16th veto, nixing a bill that would have banned the teaching of critical race theory in Arizona schools. Read more»

Law enforcement agencies are already required to notify the community, including schools in the area, when certain types of sex offenders move there, but those offenders might enroll their children in schools in other communities.

One proponent of a bill in the Arizona legislature that would require sex offenders to notify their child’s school of their sex offender status says that a parent’s right to know trump’s that child’s right not to be ostracized or bullied. Read more»

Silencers are available to gun owners in the United States but they have to be registered to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and get approval with the agency.

A trio of GOP gun measures won approval from lawmakers Wednesday, including legalizing silencers and muzzle suppressors and a measure that would allow people with concealed weapon permits to bring firearms onto Arizona school campuses. Read more»

Michael Grabowski was kicked off of Arizona’s cross-country team in September 2018, losing his scholarship and in turn being forced to attend a different school.

A Ninth Circuit panel will decide whether homophobic slurs used against a former University of Arizona student-athlete counted as sexual harassment under Title IX, which hinges on whether those he said harassed him actually believed he was gay. Read more»

Road work in early March 2022 on East Ft. Lowell Road.

During its Tuesday study session, the Tucson City Council will discuss a new plan by the RTA Citizen's Advisory Committee, that seems to do right by the Pueblo Viejo. But fiar is in the eye of the beholder. Plus more in local government meetings. Read more»

A drag performer at the 2011 Phoenix Pride Festival. Sen. Justine Wadsack (R-Tucson) has a bill that could imprison this performer for up to 10 years.

GOP's Wadsack says her bill to imprison Arizona drag performers is about protecting children from "grooming." But the people actually sexualizing children are those who can't stop thinking and talking about kids and sex. Read more»

The bill does not provide any funding to help districts purchase the apps, but some funding is available from the Arizona Department of Education.

Teens in the U.S. are facing an ongoing mental health crisis, and Arizona state legislators want to give school districts more options in dealing with student mental health issues, and threats to student safety. Read more»

Tajiri Freedom, the principal of New Gains Academy, marches around the Arizona State Capitol building in support of the Empowerment Scholarship Account Program in Phoenix. on Wednesday, March 1, 2023.

Parents, children and educators on Wednesday marched to the state Capitol to support an education voucher program that Gov. Katie Hobbs has said she wants to dismantle. Read more»

Marchers walk by the historic state Capitol building in Phoenix on Jan. 22, 2023, during a protest of recent bill proposals that criminalize drag shows.

Arizona Republican lawmakers unanimously backed a measure that critics warn would harm trans students, ignoring pleas from parents and students to reject it, and in spite of its unconstitutionality and guaranteed veto. Read more»

According to a report from the Student Borrower Protection Center, 90% of Black and 72% of Latinx students take out loans to attend college, compared with 66% of white students.

The conservative majority of the Supreme Court appeared skeptical on Tuesday that President Joe Biden has the authority to forgive billions in student loan debt, but questions remain over whether the states that brought the challenge have the requisite standing to do so. Read more»

A similar anti-trans bill, also sponsored by Kavanagh, barring preferred pronoun use in schools was dismissed by Hobbs’ chief of staff as dead on arrival.

Just three states bar transgender students from using bathrooms that best fit their gender identity, and Republican lawmakers want to make Arizona the fourth - though a similar bill barring preferred pronoun use in schools was dismissed by Hobbs’ chief of staff as dead on arrival. Read more»

A drawing of the detention area known as 'Dublin Core' in Florence, Ariz.

As part of a partnership with two immigration rights groups, the University of Arizona will host an archive of oral histories, art and memorabilia collected from migrants detained in Arizona. Read more»

Los jóvenes interesados ​​en ganar dinero y experiencia laboral temprana durante sus vacaciones de verano pueden ganar $15.75 por hora o más trabajando a tiempo parcial con el Programa de Empleo Juvenil de Verano del Condado Pima. Read more»

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