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Nuevo documental celebrará 'milagros' de mariachis y folklórico de Tucson

Las comunidades de mariachi y folclórico de Tucson brillarán en un nuevo documental titulado “The Mariachi Miracle.” Aunque aún no está listo, habrá una proyección del corte preliminar de la obra de amor de Daniel Buckley en el Fox Theatre el domingo. ... Read more»

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How higher education lost its shine

There has been a significant and steady drop nationwide in the proportion of high school graduates enrolling in college in the fall after they finish high school, as fewer than one in three adults now say a degree is worth the cost.... Read more»

TUSD considers $250 bonuses for employees who get coming 2nd COVID boosters

The TUSD Governing Board reviewed whether to spend $2.2 million in dwindling pandemic relief funds to encourage staffers to get their second COVID-19 vaccine boosters. Superintendent Gabriel Trujillo said he expects the CDC to allow the additional booster shots for more adults. ... Read more»

Proof points: Researchers say cries of teacher 'shortages' are overblown

The reasons for different teacher shortages vary, and there never were shortages everywhere or among all types of teachers — now, some education researchers who study the teaching profession say the threat is exaggerated. ... Read more»


The most recent efforts to combat teacher shortages don’t address the real problems

States have recently focused their efforts to reduce the nation’s teacher shortage by promoting strategies that “remove or relax barriers to entry” to quickly bring new people into the teaching profession - but that do not address the actual causes of the shortage.... Read more»

Spiraling rents are wreaking havoc on college students seeking housing for fall

Rents have risen 14 percent on average over the last year, and that’s becoming a huge problem for college students faced with spiraling off-campus housing costs. It’s also spilling over into long waiting lists for less-expensive on-campus dorms.... Read more»

The Tucson agenda

Tucson City Council to consider hiring 206 more staffers; COVID dollars keep flowing

Tucson City Manager Mike Ortega will ask the City Council to spend $82 million filling out the 2022-23 budget. Local school districts are looking to spend federal coronavirus relief dollars on heating, cooling, shots and new teachers.... Read more»

UA touts record year of 300 inventions, from potential AFib treatment to flame-retardant plastic

A record of more than 300 inventions were disclosed to the University of Arizona last year, the University announced Tuesday, as Tech Launch Arizona, the institution's “commercialization arm” celebrates ten years this fall. ... Read more»

Judge gives tentative OK to $6 billion student debt relief deal

A federal judge gave a tentative thumbs up to a $6 billion deal between the feds and a class of student borrowers to forgive loan debt - relief applied to borrowers who submitted a borrower defense application by June 22.... Read more»

Webb telescope captures images of chaotic Cartwheel Galaxy

The James Webb Space Telescope has peered back 500 million years to reveal new images of the aptly named Cartwheel Galaxy, and images released Tuesday shed light on the rare circumstance that created the galaxy's striking spoked-wheel shape. ... Read more»

Ft. Huachuca renames testing range for Buffalo Soldier and WWII casualty Lt. John Fox

Fort Huachuca now has a military testing range named after Lt. John Fox, a Buffalo Soldier who gave his life in WWII to fight off advancing German forces and protect a small village, the U.S. Army announced last week. Fox was awarded the Medal of Honor more than 50 years after he was killed in action.... Read more»


Christianity was a major part of Indigenous boarding schools – a historian explains

Religion was a pillar of the forceful campaigns to assimilate Indigenous peoples, and Christianity’s central role is responsible for lingering resentment today, with many Native people troubled by the misinformation about this complex history. ... Read more»

Fire at Salpointe Catholic ruled arson, man arrested

A Tucson man faces multiple felony charges — including arson — for allegedly breaking into Salpointe Catholic High School earlier this month and setting a fire, officials said Sunday. ... Read more»

If more students become pregnant post-Roe, are we prepared to support them?

Though Title IX guarantees the right to an education for pregnant and parenting students, schools already fail this population, and advocates worry the Supreme Court elimination of the right to abortion could increase the number of pregnant and parenting teens.... Read more»

Democrats in Congress press Biden to extend pause on student loans

More than 100 congressional Democrats are urging the White House to extend the pause on student loan repayment beyond the Aug. 31 deadline due to inflation and an ongoing coronavirus pandemic.... Read more»

Sunnyside folklorico students get ready to dance in new studio

Folklorico students at Sunnyside High School will soon move into a new space dedicated to learning those traditional Mexican dances.... Read more»

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