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Brisket, bacon & baseball: Chase Field delivers new food lineup for 2022 season

The Arizona Diamondbacks have unveiled new food items that will be available at the ballpark - ranging from Buffalo Chicken Sidewinders to Baja Fish Tacos - along with new food partners located throughout the concourse.... Read more»

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Pima County to spend $1 million in COVID relief grants to promote tourism recovery

The Pima County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously in favor of using $1 million in federal COVID relief funding to promote tourism. Two grants awarded to Visit Tucson and Tucson City of Gastronomy will help advertise the local UNESCO designation. ... Read more»


Claytoonz: Tucker Carlson's passion for M&Ms

Right now you might be asking yourself, does Tucker Carlson wanna get it on with an M&M, or is he just bottom-feeding for fake outrage.... Read more»

Thanksgiving dinner will cost Arizonans 5% more this year, but that’s less than average U.S. hike

The average price of a Thanksgiving feast for 10 people is $53.31, up $6.41 from last year, according to the American Farm Bureau Federation’s annual price survey. The higher prices are pretty much across the board: turkey, cranberries, frozen dinner rolls and pie crusts.... Read more»

Protect yourself from salmonella this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just a few days away, and I regret to inform you that there’s a multidrug-resistant salmonella outbreak running rampant in the nation’s poultry industry.... Read more»

CDC: Imported onions contaminated with salmonella sicken people across U.S.

The CDC is warning people to stay away from red, white and yellow onions imported from Chihuahua, Mexico, because of salmonella contamination that has sickened more than 600 people across 37 states.... Read more»

CDC: Cebollas importadas contaminadas con salmonela enferman a las personas en EE. UU.

Los CDC advierten a las personas que se mantengan alejadas de las cebollas rojas, blancas y amarillas importadas de Chihuahua, México, debido a la contaminación por salmonela que ha enfermado a más de 600 personas en 37 estados.... Read more»

Single moms are forced to choose: Reveal their sexual histories or forfeit welfare

Women who apply for welfare often have to identify who fathered their children and when they got pregnant, among other deeply personal details, then state governments use that information to pursue child support from the dads — and pocket the money. ... Read more»

Poor nutrition heavily influences COVID-19 death toll, studies find

Even before COVID-19, America faced a crisis of poor nutrition – spurred by government policies and discrimination against people of color and aggravated by widespread food insecurity – and those underlying factors allowed the disease to decimate poor communities.... Read more»

Waste not? Some states are sending less food to landfills

At least eight states, all in the Northeast and mid-Atlantic except California, have laws requiring some reprocessing of food waste, to keep it out of landfills and cut down on greenhouse gases, and this year, state lawmakers have introduced at least 52 bills in 18 states involving food waste management.... Read more»

White House says executive order coming on labeling beef as a 'Product of USA'

The White House will unveil an executive order in the coming days that directs the U.S. Department of Agriculture to clarify that meat can only receive a “Product of USA” label if that livestock is raised in the U.S. rather than abroad.... Read more»

Need amid plenty: Richest U.S. counties are overwhelmed by surge in child hunger

The financial fallout of COVID-19 has pushed child hunger to record levels. Counties seeing the largest increases in child food insecurity in 2020 generally have much higher median household incomes than counties with the smallest increases.... Read more»

Advocates worry 'food insecurity' gains could be upended by COVID-19

Advocates fear that years of steady improvements in the level of “food insecurity” among Arizona children could be reversed this year by the economic toll of COVID-19, a shift that could have long-lasting effects.... Read more»


Punch Woods, longtime Food Bank head, dead at 82

Charles T. "Punch" Woods, who led the Community Food Bank for a quarter-century, died Wednesday morning after a horseback riding accident. He was 82 years old.... Read more»

Shelves are bare but grocery warehouses are on the case, industry leader says

Empty store shelves symbolize the frustrations and fears of the COVID-19 pandemic, with toilet paper, rice, beans and water in scant supply and purchasing limits imposed so more customers have a chance to buy such staples. ... Read more»

Tucson-area schools offering 'grab & go' meals for kids during coronavirus closures

With Tucson-area schools closed until at least March 30, some area school districts are preparing to offer "grab and go" meals for children beginning next week: Amphi, Flowing Wells & Catalina Foothills, as well as TUSD and Sunnyside.... Read more»

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