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Mar-a-Lago raided: Search Trump's toilets!

The FBI has raided Mar-a-Lago. We learned this from Trump himself who made a very whiny post about it on his joke of a social media platform, Truth Social. He’s partly upset the FBI didn’t give him, a guy with a habit of flushing evidence, advance notice of their raid. ... Read more»

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South Africa guards against terrorism at World Cup

When the issue of security during the upcoming World Cup is raised, it is usually in reference to South Africa's high crime rate. But there has been surprisingly little discussion about the threat of terrorist attacks.... Read more»

Comic: Gratitude

Thank A Cop Day

Friday is Thank A Cop Day, which we think is a great idea. Thanks, guys and gals!... Read more»

Tucson shuttle services raided in immigrant-smuggling sweep

Federal agents raided three shuttle companies in Tucson on Thursday in a massive investigation into illegal immigrant smuggling.... Read more»

Friday is Thank A Cop Day

Think Tucson Police officers don't get enough appreciation? Friday you can thank them yourself.... Read more»

Teaching Twitter in Havana

As an educational institution, Cuba’s Blogger Academy suffers from a few notable deficiencies. It doesn’t grant an accredited degree, its single, cramped classroom isn’t hooked up to the internet. Then there’s the possibility that the next knock on the door might be the police.... Read more»

Border & immigration

Demonstrators urge veto of immigration 'trespassing' bill

Urging that Gov. Brewer veto a stringent immigration enforcement bill, demonstrators said the measure would violate constitutional rights.... Read more»

Border violence

U.S. drug demand fuels chaos in Mexico, says Juárez mayor

Though he is hopeful conditions in his city will improve, Juarez's mayor said the drug trafficking at the root of Mexico's problems will continue as long as the U.S. maintains its insatiable appetite for narcotics.... Read more»

Papers please?

Az House passes immigration ID enforcement bill

Arizona police may soon be required to ask for immigration paperwork if they have a "reasonable suspicion" that a person is in the country illegally.... Read more»

Juarez mayor says local police still corrupted

Just days after the majority of military troops deployed to patrol the streets of the most violent city in the Americas withdrew, the city's mayor concedes his local police force is still infiltrated with elements of organized crime.... Read more»

Senate committee: WaMu bank execs aware of rampant fraud

A Senate committee Tuesday will present evidence that in the case of Washington Mutual Bank, the largest bank failure in history, executives knew about the fraud - and in some cases failed to take much corrective action.... Read more»


Bleach spill closes Oracle Rd. in Oro Valley

Oracle Road was closed between Tangerine and Rancho Vistoso after 1,000 gallons of bleach spilled in the roadway.... Read more»


Explaining the violence in Northern Mexico

An audio report from KUT in Texas breaks down the uptick in violent crime in Northern Mexico.... Read more»

Pope Benedict XVI

Priest sex abuse scandal is closing in on the pope

Opinion: He needs to stop blaming media for failings of his own leadership and his own church.... Read more»

Putting teeth in the fight against rape

South African Sonnet Ehlers made a promise to herself to "do something about” rape. Forty years later, the result is the Rape-aXe, an anti-rape device with "teeth."... Read more»2

Purple Ribbon Council to Cut Out Domestic Abuse

Report urges more attention to signs of domestic abuse

Donna Bartos says she endured five years with her high school sweetheart before verbal and emotional abuse culminated in an act of violence. In 2006, she founded the Purple Ribbon Council to Cut Out Domestic Abuse with the mission of stopping abuse before it spirals out of control.... Read more»

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