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FBI subpoenas Az Republicans Karen Fann & Kelly Townsend for info on Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection

Arizona Senate President Karen Fann and Mesa Republican Senator Kelly Townsend were subpoenaed by the FBI for an on-going investigation into President Donald Trump's alleged pressure campaign on state officials to overturn the 2020 presidential election results.... Read more»

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U.S. charges driver & 3 others in deaths of 53 migrants found in tractor-trailer

Federal authorities have charged four men with human smuggling in the deaths of 53 migrants from Mexico and Central America who were found in a sweltering tractor-trailer in Southwest San Antonio on Monday.... Read more»

Brnovich says Arizona territorial ban on abortion now law of land

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich said that a 158-year old Arizona law declaring that any woman or provider who facilitates a procedure that causes a miscarriage or abortion can face a prison sentence is now in effect and effectively bans abortion.... Read more»

Trump’s fake electors: Here’s the full updated list

The 84 people who signed bogus documents claiming Donald Trump won the 2020 election include dozens of local Republican Party leaders, four current candidates for public office, six current office holders and at least five previous office holders.... Read more»

There have been 12 self-driving car crashes in Arizona since July 2021

A recently released report by the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration revealed that since new mandatory reporting requirements began, Arizona has reported 12 crashes involving self-driving cars since July of last year.... Read more»

Filibuster constrains Congress from answering high court rulings

In the wake of decisions gutting abortion and gun laws, minority power on Capitol Hill leaves federal lawmakers with little maneuvering as nearly all congressional legislation requires a supermajority of 60 votes in the Senate to overcome the filibuster.... Read more»

Dems: Republicans won’t stop at overturning Roe if they win in 2022

Democrats are launching a digital ad buy in Arizona highlighting newly resurgent efforts to ban abortions nationwide after the U.S. Supreme Court last week overturned the constitutional right for women to seek abortions.... Read more»

Supreme Court expands state power over tribes

Limiting McGirt v. Oklahoma, the Supreme Court reinstated a state court conviction and allowed that the federal government and states have concurrent jurisdiction to prosecute crimes committed by non-Indians against Indians in Indian country.... Read more»

Wendy Rogers refused to speak to Senate ethics panel about her 'fed boy summer' tweet

Flagstaff Republican Sen. Wendy Rogers refused to meet with the attorney for the Senate Ethics Committee, but her lawyer said in a letter to the panel that her tweet was a reference to a 2019 hip hop song and not a nod to white supremacist online culture.... Read more»

U.S. HHS chief vows to protect abortion access, but says much depends on states

U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra pledged Tuesday to work to preserve abortion access — though the department’s specific actions will depend on how states seeking to limit abortion access proceed.... Read more»

ICE permitirá más arrestos de inmigrantes después del fallo de un juez

Agentes de inmigración ya no priorizarán el arresto de inmigrantes que creen que son una amenaza para la seguridad nacional, luego de que un juez federal falló que no debe concentrar en un segmento reducido de personas presuntas de estar ilegalmente en EE. UU.... Read more»

Told of armed rallygoers on Jan. 6, Trump called for relaxed security

President Trump was repeatedly warned about armed rallygoers on Jan. 6, and he responded by calling for the Secret Service to reduce security so he could have a larger audience for his speech that preceded the violent attack on the Capitol.... Read more»

At least 50 people found dead in abandoned 18-wheeler in San Antonio

A tractor-trailer found near Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio contained the bodies of 50 dead people, along with 16 others who have been taken to hospitals, according to local officials in San Antonio and Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.... Read more»

Arizona providers, regulators can’t agree on abortion law after Supreme Court ruling

The Supreme Court decision Friday to eliminate a constitutional right to an abortion has “unleashed chaos” for abortion providers in Arizona, where there is little agreement on where the law stands now. ... Read more»

Arizona’s Capitol surrounded by razor wire; abortion rights protests planned this week

Fences and concertina wire were installed over the weekend at the Arizona Capitol - by the National Guard at the request of DPS - amid ongoing protests over the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.... Read more»

'Immense suffering': After Roe, Arizona groups focus on how to help pregnant people

In a post-Roe world, those seeking an abortion will have to live in, or travel to, a state where it’s legal - but those who forgo the procedure may need help with an unplanned pregnancy. ... Read more»

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