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Constables may be about to get marching orders from Pima County supervisors.

The Pima County Board of Supervisors have been trying to figure out how to standardize the work of elected constables. County Administrator Jan Lesher's plan is shape up or lose pay. Read more»

U.S. Sen. Mark Kelly takes a 6-point lead against Republican Blake Masters is bound into the next round of vote counting.

In the best possible environment, Arizona Republicans are struggling to win key races. The state is not reverting to pre-Trump form and is no longer a Republican stronghold. Read more»

A new cadre of activists will take their place on the South Tucson City Council, lead by longtime class warrior Brian Flagg.

Longtime community activist and power player Brian Flagg will take his seat on the South Tucson City Council. His Casa Maria Soup Kitchen co-combatants Roxanna Valenzuela and Cesare Aguirre will join him on the dais. Read more»

The direction of school districts around Tucson are up to the voters on Tuesday.

If saving democracy or inflation doesn't inspire voting procratinators, then buried on the gargantuan ballots are school board races that sees a mini eruption of culture warriors against service oriented pragmatists.. Read more»

Pima County Supervisors are accepting another constables resignation.

The Pima County Board of Supervisors is moving with big plans to fight poverty and create prosperity. Meanwhile, they need help just getting their court notices served. Read more»

Voter intimidation efforts haven't shown up in Tucson, police say, but law enforcement is ready if it does come down here. So go vote.

Local, state and federal law enforcement promise to protect voters from intimidation like what has cropped up in the Phoenix area. So don't let the bastards grind you down. Read more»

Kari Lake can't figure out why her refusal to accept election results is something people can't shut up about.

Kari Lake's "promise" to abide election result is as bogus as her claims of voter fraud, as democracy teeters in the balance of voter anger over inflation and crime. We're so screwed. Read more»

The question about Jan. 6 that must be answered is will Republicans work to do it again.

Election denying about 2020 doesn't matter anywhere near as much as election denying in 2024 will. It's not unfair to press Republicans on the matter. They brought it upon themselves. Read more»

Growing up is Tucson's alternative for growing out. What's been done Downtown, as with this project near West Broadway and South Church Street, should spread throughout the urban center.

Nothing sounds sexier than a "Downtown infill overlay zone" but Tucson has used this land-use tool to help resurrect our city core. Expanding it could help heal much of what ails Tucson. Read more»

Sun Tran fees have been waived by the city of Tucson since the onset of the conoravirus pandemic. They're looking to make a comeback.

It doesn't seem to be a question of "if" bus fares will return in Tucson. It's more a matter of how. Maybe the Council could borrow the money from Pima County, which may be rolling in it. Read more»

The Tucson City Council will hold public hearings on water, parks and trash fee increases.

Rate increases are in the works for Tucson residents, and the City Council will hold a public hearing ahead of proposed higher costs to living in the city, plus more in local government meetings this week. Read more»

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich's legal leap into the abortion debate means that medical care is no longer available in Arizona. Republicans would ordinarily prevail in these midterm elections, but the issue is likely to drag them down with voters — and not just women.

A Pima County judge cleared the way for a near-total abortion ban in Arizona. Republicans can no longer hide from the issue. They must stand and run on their extreme power grab from Arizonans' personal lives. The GOP's slim margin on power in the Legislature means the Democrats have an opportunity to seize. Read more»

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Apartments in downtown Tucson are among the few that accept federal Section 8 housing vouchers in Tucson.

Rents are going up fast in Tucson. But why does a homeowner care? What's bad for the tenants could hit the rest of Southern Arizona hard. The rental crisis requires all-guns-blazing solutions before it destroys discretionary budgets across our community. Read more»

Stop. A new state law will put an end to Pima County workers being required to get the coronavirus vaccine, as well as drop a requirement that unvaccinated government staffers pay higher insurance premiums.

The Pima County vaccine mandate for its work force is coming to an end, at the behest of the state Legislature. Oro Valley to consider impact fees, plus more in local government meetings this week. Read more»

Tucson City Manager Mike Ortega stands to get a $75,000 per-year raise after seven years on the job.

The Tucson City Council is set to vote Tuesday on paying City Manager Mike Ortega $300,000 per year, but the they're being needlessly shifty about it. Plus a plethora of other local government meetings this week. Read more»

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