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Federal government takes first step in addressing home value inequalities — much remains to be done

Despite changes recommended by the Biden administration Property Appraisal and Valuation Equity action plan to address home appraisal bias in predominantly Black neighborhoods, they say it can do only so much without other systemic fixes. ... Read more»

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As guest workers increase, so do concerns about wage cheating

From 2005 to 2020, U.S. employers around the country were ordered to pay more than $42.5 million in back wages to 69,000 workers who perform seasonal low-wage jobs on H-2A and H-2B visas - but labor advocates are worried that many more workers are being cheated.... Read more»

Redistricting: Tribes fight for an equal voice

Native American tribes and organizations throughout the nation are working to ensure that Indigenous voices are heard as states go about drawing political maps that determine who will wield power for the next decade. ... Read more»

A fifth of nursing-home workers remain unvaccinated as deadlines loom

Federal deadlines to vaccinate all health-care workers against COVID-19 are just weeks away, but the most recent federal data show that roughly a fifth of nursing-home employees are not yet fully vaccinated.... Read more»

Millions of workers just got a pay raise

Millions of low-paid workers just got a raise.Twenty-one states and 35 municipalities hiked their minimum wages in January,... Read more»

After a spike in anti-Asian hate crimes, the government response stalls

Nearly two years since the COVID-19 pandemic unleashed anti-Asian backlash and almost seven months since legislation was passed to address it, little has been done - in large part from the Justice Department’s decision to first ask Congress for additional funding.... Read more»

HUD got $9 billion to combat COVID-19 impacts. Only a quarter has been spent.

Tucked in the pandemic relief act in 2020 was about $9 billion for the Department of Housing and Urban Development to divvy up between cities and states for housing-related coronavirus fallout - but 20 months later, cities and states have only spent about a quarter of the funds.... Read more»

Challenges to the Voting Rights Act are far from over

When the U.S. Supreme Court decided an important Arizona voting rights case earlier this year, its ruling made it more difficult for voters to challenge restrictive state voting laws - now, the state of Texas is attempting to hobble what remains of the Voting Rights Act. ... Read more»

Indigenous solutions to climate change could inform Arizona and nationwide policies

The impacts of climate change pose a unique threat to Indigenous cultures and economies, which have long been tied to place - now, Native Americans are leading efforts to bolster reservations and other communities against the damaging effects of climate change. ... Read more»

States urged to repeal cops’ special legal protections

Civil rights advocates say they’ll step up their efforts at the state level as late last month, once-promising negotiations to strike a bipartisan deal on policing reform broke down on Capitol Hill, dashing hopes for the passage of the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act.... Read more»

Election officials scramble to find poll workers

With no presidential or congressional races on the ballot this year, election officials are scrambling to find the workers they need so voters can weigh in on the still-important host of state, local and judicial races on ballots around the country — races that have direct impact on local communities. ... Read more»

Cheating workers on the U.S.-Mexico border

Since January alone, the U.S. Department of Labor has reached back-wage agreements with two San Diego companies that underpaid Mexican nationals, in pesos, for work done at warehouses on the U.S. side of the border. ... Read more»

Proposed iPhone protections could put LGBTQ youth at risk

Virtual communities have long provided a space for LGBTQ youth to explore their identities, but as technology companies ratchet up surveillance in the name of content moderation, the digital privacy of LGBTQ youth and other vulnerable people may be at risk.... Read more»

Public Integrity sues for South Dakota National Guard border deployment records

The Center for Public Integrity filed a lawsuit against the Defense Department and South Dakota National Guard seeking public release of records related to a decision by Gov. Kristi Noem to deploy the Guard to the Texas-Mexico border that raised issues about private funding of military actions and use of the military for political purposes.... Read more»

Texas abortion law reflects GOP turn towards citizen enforcement

The new Texas law effectively banning nearly all abortions in the state relies on private citizens to enforce it, the highest-profile example of a growing push by Republicans to give supporters broad power to sue over issues important to their base. ... Read more»

El Servicio Postal ha engañado a los carteros durante años

Decenas de gerentes de oficinas de correos han sido sorprendidos cambiando las tarjetas de asistencia de los empleados ... Read more»

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