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Lawsuit could end free preventive health checkups

A federal lawsuit heard in Texas could upend or even eliminate the preventive care requirement in the Affordable Care Act, as a group is arguing that the requirement is unconstitutional and some preventive health measures violate religious protections.... Read more»

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Farley: Restrict trucks to right lanes of roadways with three or more lanes

Keeping large trucks to the right on roadways with three or more lanes would make Arizona's highways safer, says Rep. Steve Farley.... Read more»

Arizona legislature

Closing tax loopholes could help budget, Democrats say

A 1 percent sales tax hike is coming to a ballot near you this spring. Meanwhile, things like parking garages, driving schools and dog grooming will stay tax-free. Arizona's tax laws include $9.1 billion in exemptions. Democrats think it's time to close some of those loopholes to help ease the state's budget woes.... Read more»

Alex Streeter

Silversmith finds artistic home in Tucson

Alex Streeter, a world-famous jewelry artist and silversmith, has relocated to Tucson after a 30-year stint in SoHo. His long-time fascination with ghosts, gold mines and cowboys, the Gem, Mineral and Fossil Showcase and the rodeo connection brought him to Tucson.... Read more»

Psychology of being green: How can we alter our moral balancing act?

Never trust a man in Birkenstocks: That’s one lesson you could take from a recent study that found that people are more likely to cheat and steal after purchasing green goods as opposed to conventional goods.... Read more»

Glenn Lyons

Downtown Partnership CEO leaving for Des Moines

Glenn Lyons will be leaving his position as CEO of the Downtown Tucson Partnership in May to head a similar public-private group in Des Moines, Iowa.... Read more»1

Bill would make jobless full-time students eligible for unemployment

With so many people working and going to school full-time, it's difficult to see why anyone in this position would be disqualified from receiving unemployment benefits, a state lawmaker says.... Read more»

Comic: Not the moon

To drivability and beyond!

U.S. regulators have asked NASA to help investigate the possible origins of the sudden unintended acceleration problem in Toyota cars. The agency put their best man on it.... Read more»


The end of Western capitalism?

The European Union's ignominious decision to turn to the IMF to bail out a member state, Greece, is a canary in the coal mine. With Western geopolitical credibility already severely weakened by the Iraq fiasco, this latest blow can only accelerate the rising influence of China on the world's many aspiring powers.... Read more»

Arizona in line for big share of funds against mortgage fraud

Arizona is in line to receive $1.7 million of nearly $8 million the federal government is allocating to fight mortgage fraud nationwide, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder said last week.... Read more»


Business & education group urges reform of school-finance system

A system for tracking school expenditures and whether money spent on specific programs improves student performance would make schools more efficient and accountable, according to a group of business and education leaders.... Read more»

Play dates

Gaming with girls? Yep, if you're willing to pay

Sick of playing online games with a bunch of dudes? Now you can play with an attractive girl – for a fee.... Read more»

Household budget

Tucson No. 8 in household spending

Tucson ranked No. 8 in the U.S. in overall household expenses in a study by Bundle.com.... Read more»

Google departs China: the view from Beijing

Google has finally made its move, shifting searches from China to Hong Kong more than two months after threatening to quit China over hacking and censorship. ... Read more»

Do you speak American?

When a blond French management consultant meets with potential American clients, everything seems to be going well. Yet, after she begins speaking, some executives have decided on the spot not to hire her. ... Read more»

Need security in Guatemala? Hire a private guard

A year ago, Domingo Castillo Yoc lived with three siblings and his parents in a rural village. Today, he stands guard in front of a small shipping business in a dodgy neighborhood in Guatemala City.... Read more»

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