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Concept 1 of the is an option in the Gene C. Reid Park reimagining. The rendering is based on the Reid Park Planning Team's interpretation of public input.

The Tucson Parks and Recreation Department wants the public to help plan the future of Gene C. Reid Park. Read more»

A worker demonstrates her skills last month at the Chicago Women in Trades facility. Illinois was one of the top 10 states for union representation last year, at 13.9% of workers, more than 2.5 times Arizona’s rate of 5.4%, despite slow gains in the state.

After bottoming out at 4% in 2017, labor union membership in Arizona has been slowly rising, but it is still well behind levels of previous years and only about half of the national average. Read more»

After two years in which COVID-19 relief funds helped pay for free meals for all students, school districts find themselves this fall trying to deliver meals with less support and much-higher prices than before, due to inflation.

Officials in school districts across Arizona are scrambling to figure out how to afford meals for students at a time when inflation nationwide is running at the highest level in decades - with even the rising cost of food storage putting the pinch on school districts. Read more»

Optometric care is one of the services – with chiropractic, podiatric and dental care – that a group of local health care centers say Arizona’s Medicaid agency has not reimbursed them for. They claim the law requires the services be covered.

A federal appeals court ordered a new hearing for Arizona community health care centers that claim the state’s Medicaid system is wrongly denying reimbursement for chiropractic, dental, optometric and podiatric care, reversing a lower court decision. Read more»

In 2021, Amazon reportedly spent more than $4.3 million on anti-union consultants.

Tech workers, warehouse employees and baristas have notched victories at major U.S. companies including Apple, Amazon and Starbucks - recent union wins that recall another pivotal period in the U.S. labor movement, led by migrants from Central America. Read more»

It’s unclear whether this particular act of debt forgiveness would survive an expected court challenge.

The White House plan to cancel thousands of dollars in federal student loan debt has raised many questions, including political claims about whom the plan benefits most, how it may impact inflation and whether Biden has the authority to cancel student loan debt. Read more»

Dozens of Tucsonans attended a March for Our Lives protest at Armory Park in June, 2022, to push for new gun safety legislation in the wake of a series of mass shootings across the nation.

American cities have been running gun buybacks since at least the 1970s, and they are broadly popular, even in conservative, gun-friendly states - but most research shows these events are ineffective at reducing homicides and suicides. Read more»

Oro Valley may be the first jurisdiction in the Tucson area to take up some regulations on short-term rentals like those secured on Airbnb.

Oro Valley staff will present Town Council members with the option to (maybe) regulate short-term rentals. Violations could carry a punishment of $3,500 or suspension of a license to operate such a business. Read more»

Influencers, socialites, models, businesspeople and all manner of clout chasers rely on Instagram to flaunt their lifestyle, generate income and establish a personal brand.

Since at least 2021, hundreds of people were clients of a scheme to get improperly verified as musicians on Instagram - an attempt to trick Meta, owner of Instagram and Facebook, hoping to pave the way to lucrative endorsements and coveted social status. Read more»

Climate advocates have long argued that the movement has been overly focused on individual responsibility when large-scale societal shifts can make a much bigger dent in carbon emissions.

For years, environmental campaigns have espoused actions like biking, taking shorter showers, and turning off the lights - but increasingly, Americans’ concern about climate change appears to be directed more toward the actions of politicians and corporations. Read more»

Workers at Amazon and Trader Joe’s are setting up independent unions, whereas at Starbucks and Chipotle, employees are teaming up with established unions.

Workers at Amazon and Trader Joe’s are setting up independent unions, while at Starbucks and Chipotle, employees are teaming up with established unions - and the campaigns are being led by determined young workers, rather than being driven by seasoned union representatives. Read more»

The ongoing drought in the West is already hitting electricity generation, causing some hydroelectric plants to pump out less power.

A looming heat wave this Labor Day weekend might threaten Western states’ power grids and their residents, with utilities already warning of rotating blackouts, and San Diego and Phoenix are taking aggressive steps to conserve water in the face of recent drought conditions. Read more» 1

After hitting an all-time high of $5.388 a gallon in June, gas prices in Arizona have been falling steadily and Thursday they dipped below $4 a gallon for the first time in months.

The average price for gas in Arizona fell to $3.99 a gallon Thursday, the first time in months it has been below $4 - a sharp decrease from the record high of $5.388 hit just two months ago - a surge in price largely driven by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Read more»

Students pass through open walkways in this file photo of a high school in Tempe, Arizona on Aug. 27, 2021.

Since Jake’s Law was enacted, hundreds of eligible students have accessed mental health treatment they may not have otherwise received - yet, two years into the program, more than half of Arizona schools haven’t referred students to mental health providers. Read more»

Across the world, other countries have already updated boosters for citizens.

Updated boosters are expected to come out as soon as next week after the FDA authorized Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna to modify their respective shots to better protect Americans against the Omicron strain of COVID-19. Read more»

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