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The 'abusive' tax dodge that won’t die: Syndicated conservation easements

The IRS, the Justice Department and congressional Republicans and Democrats are all trying to put an end to syndicated conservation easements. But with lobbyists like Henry Waxman helping lead the resistance, the efforts have had little effect. ... Read more»

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'Handshake activism' won’t defuse climate emergency

Two of the world’s most dynamic climate activists discuss the massive wave of climate action spurred by Greta Thunberg - and the intervening 30 months which put a brake on movement momentum and caused a deeper look at ‘handshake activism.’... Read more»

Pima County re-runs 'mock election' to ease doubts, curiosities about new voting system

More than a dozen Pima County voters lined up Friday morning for a second chance to try out a new election system, which will use electronic poll books and voting centers instead of precinct sites.... Read more»

Free wifi hotspots rolled out at 70 locations around Tucson, rural areas

The Pima County Public Library launched a free wifi program aimed at closing the "digitial divide" between urban and rural areas on Monday. Another 50 hotspots will open in locations like Picture Rocks and Oro Valley later in July. ... Read more»

Rosemont Mine rollercoaster: Trump-era rules overturned, so Hudbay radically overhauled mining plan

The 15-year struggle over proposed mining activities in the Santa Rita Mountains continued to play out in June, as Toronto-based Hudbay Minerals, the Biden Administration and environmental groups continue to engage in legal wrangling and shifting priorities.... Read more»

Betting on women: Sports gambling app industry excited by growth of female users

More than 4.6 million U.S. women joined sportsbook betting apps in 2021 - with female user rates growing 115% compared to 2020 - and some sportsbooks have attracted so many female users they have more women than men in their user base.... Read more»

As drugmakers cut off discounts, providers fret for low-income patients

Hospitals and community and rural health clinics that serve low-income patients say drug manufacturers have threatened their financial stability by abandoning a federal drug discount program that saves those health providers millions of dollars a year. ... Read more»

FactCheck: Stimulus spending a factor, but not whole story on inflation

The American Rescue Plan came after two pandemic stimulus laws were enacted under former President Donald Trump, worth a total of $3.1 trillion - but relief spending is hardly the only inflation factor, with the fallout from the pandemic the root of the matter.... Read more»

Subidas de renta y un auge de gente incita la gentrificación de barrios antiguos en Tucson

Las rentas están augmento en todo Arizona, como en todo el país, pero Tucson, antes visto como tranquilo y barato, ha tenido un auge muy penoso - y con rentas subiendo, la gentrificación está empujando a la gente fuera de sus barrios que antes estaban económicos.... Read more»

Supreme Court guts federal power to regulate coal plant emissions

Writing for the conservative supermajority, Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts said the decision to regulate carbon dioxide emissions should be left to Congress, not the Environmental Protection Agency.... Read more»

There have been 12 self-driving car crashes in Arizona since July 2021

A recently released report by the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration revealed that since new mandatory reporting requirements began, Arizona has reported 12 crashes involving self-driving cars since July of last year.... Read more»

Government watchdogs attack Medicare Advantage for denying care and overcharging

Congress should crack down on Medicare Advantage health plans for seniors that sometimes deny patients vital medical care while overcharging the government billions of dollars every year, government watchdogs told a House panel.... Read more»

Rent hikes, Downtown boom spur gentrification of older Tucson neighborhoods

Rents are going up all over Arizona, as they are across the country, but Tucson, once considered sleepy and affordable, has seen a particularly painful spike - and with rents rising, gentrification is pushing people out of neighborhoods that once were affordable.... Read more»

Eat, Pay, Glove: Caesars Sportsbook, Guy Fieri restaurant open at Arizona's Chase Field

Arizona Diamondbacks fans have a new sports gambling site and eatery to attend as Caesars Sportsbook has launched the Caesars Sportsbook at Chase Field, which will also house first restaurant in Arizona for restaurateur and TV show host Guy Fieri.... Read more»

Migrants stuck in southern Mexico still rely on money from family to live

Money from remittances flows in both directions – from home to help migrants on their way, then from the migrant back home once established in a new country - big business for the places where they are received and a boon to local and national economies.... Read more»

Mayor Romero's 'State of the City' included in annual study of speeches

The National League of Cities included the most recent "State of the City" address by Tucson Mayor Regina Romero in an annual review of speeches by 60 American mayors from October 2021 to April 2022. ... Read more»

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