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FactCheck: Biden’s economic spin

In a May 10 speech on inflation and the economy, President Joe Biden made some misleading claims and used political spin to criticize Republicans and promote his policies.... Read more»

Surge in congenital syphilis gives Arizona second-worst rate in U.S.

Congenital syphilis cases in Arizona rose more than sevenfold from 2016 to 2020, pushing the state from the sixth- to second-worst in the nation in that time, a rise that far outstripped the rise in congenital syphilis cases nationally.... Read more»

D.C. Circuit revives challenge to plasma-donation visa ban

The U.S. government must face a lawsuit from a group of plasma companies over a Customs and Border Protection regulatory change that donors not be allowed to enter the country with B‑1 visas if they were planning to sell plasma.... Read more»

Historic report on Federal Indian Boarding Schools finds 47 in Arizona, 400 nationwide

For the first time in history, the Department of Interior investigated the federal Indian boarding school system across the United States, identifying more than 400 schools and over 50 burial sites - with Arizona home to 47 of those schools.... Read more»

Fraud, perjury allegations probed against Pima Constable Deborah Martinez

Pima County officials are looking into claims that Constable Deborah Martinez forged signatures on her election nominating petitions and lied about where she was living, saying "there is a reason to believe felony offenses may have occurred."... Read more»

Cochise County: No charges vs. Border Patrol agent who shot & killed migrant

The Cochise County Attorney's Office will not pursue charges against the Border Patrol agent who shot and killed a Mexican man during a violent incident in rugged terrain near the Arizona-New Mexico border in February. ... Read more»

Arizona executes man for 1978 murder of college student

Arizona carried out its first execution in seven years Wednesday morning, lethally injecting Clarence Dixon with pentobarbital for the killing of 21-year-old ASU student Deana Bowdoin in 1978, less than a day after Dixon’s final appeal was denied.... Read more»

Guest opinion

Walking or biking in Tucson shouldn’t be a death sentence

Being a pedestrian or cyclist in Tucson is deadly, and it has taken away too many lives. ... Read more»

University of Arizona’s rainforest in the desert is a testing ground for understanding methane

A University of Arizona project in the Biosphere 2 rainforest designed to determine how much methane is emitted by seasonally flooded areas of the Amazon hopes to be a starting point to better understand methane emissions across the globe.... Read more»

Election officials in Arizona, other battleground states, stand up against restrictive voting laws

Across the country, election officials this legislative season made their voices heard through appeals to lawmakers, urging them not to enact voting laws that they saw as unfeasible or unnecessary, or that would ultimately make their jobs more difficult. ... Read more»

Weds. deadline to mail ballots in Tucson's Prop. 411 sales tax election

Tucsonans who've filled out their ballots in the Prop. 411 special election should mail them back by Wednesday, or drop them in person at one of four locations through Election Day, May 17.... Read more»

'Audit' records show Cyber Ninjas went deep into debt, despite pro-Trump donations

Newly released documents by the watchdog group American Oversight show that the Arizona Senate’s partisan review of the 2020 presidential election in Maricopa County went over its proposed budget and spent more money than it had available to it. ... Read more»

More states want power to approve wetlands development

Critics fear that Florida’s move to assume authority over wetland management could open the floodgates for more states to claim Section 404 authority - but the hurdles that have mostly stymied such efforts for decades remain significant. ... Read more»


Religious beliefs give strength to the anti-abortion movement – but not all religions agree

Most anti-abortion rallies have signs and banners with religious admonitions such as “pray for life” and “pray to end abortion,” but in actuality, America’s religious community is divided over the issue of abortion.... Read more»

Change of course: Modernization, COVID-19 pandemic help revitalize golf

After a boom in golf’s popularity that followed the emergence of Tiger Woods, the game slipped into a post-Tiger downtrend - then along came a global pandemic and numbers for golf suddenly improved and have continued to skyrocket.... Read more»

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