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Post-Roe landscape could further stress America’s crumbling child care system

In the wake of the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade, experts say more families will be needing social supports at a time when those supports are already severely lacking, further burden the nation’s collapsing and severely underfunded child care system. ... Read more»

Judge rules tax case against Trump Organization & former finance chief can proceed to trial

A New York state judge on Friday ordered Donald Trump’s company and his longtime money man Allen Weisselberg to stand trial in the fall on tax charges stemming from a long-running criminal probe into Trump’s business dealings. ... Read more»

‘It’s starting our healing process’: Family of murdered Navajo woman seeks justice

Family and supporters of Jamie Lynette Yazzie packed the courtroom gallery and listened to details of the case surrounding her murder - an emotional day for those who became active advocates in the Missing and Murdered Indigenous People movement.... Read more»

Arizona celebrates first Navajo Code Talker Day

Navajo Code Talker Thomas H. Begay - one of only three still alive - was the guest of honor during Arizona’s first official Navajo Code Talker Day celebration, an event held to honor individuals who fought for freedom when they didn’t even have the right to vote.... Read more»

Advocates look for new ways to fill city 'food deserts'

No American city has bested the problem of low grocery access, but as communities across the country re-evaluate strategies for addressing food-access gaps, a collaborative approach that favors a network of community-led projects could be the new model.... Read more»


What does the Inflation Reduction Act mean for climate tech?

The $370 billion climate, energy and health care bill includes incentives to expand renewable energy and electric vehicles - but there’s a catch, and it could end up making it difficult for most EVs to qualify for the new incentive.... Read more»

Lawsuit could end free preventive health checkups

A federal lawsuit heard in Texas could upend or even eliminate the preventive care requirement in the Affordable Care Act, as a group is arguing that the requirement is unconstitutional and some preventive health measures violate religious protections.... Read more»


Don’t be too quick to blame social media for America’s polarization – cable news has a bigger effect

Roughly 17% of Americans are politically polarized – 8.7% to the left and 8.4% to the right – based on their TV news consumption - three to four times higher than the average percentage of Americans polarized by online news.... Read more»

Search warrant shows Trump under investigation for possible Espionage Act violations

A federal judge on Friday unsealed the warrant that allowed the FBI to search former President Trump’s property at Mar-a-Lago in Florida earlier this week, revealing he’s under investigation for possibly violating the Espionage Act and obstruction of justice.... Read more»

The Tucson agenda

Pima County Supes to vote on plan to tackle rental crisis

The Pima County Board of Supervisors is set to vote on a five-part plan to tackle the affordable housing crunch in the Tucson area. It's a step but tens of thousands of affordable units are needed. Plus more in local government meetings this week.... Read more»

People skipping out on probation can avoid arrest with new Pima County program

The Pima County Superior Court will forgive probationers who avoid court-mandated meetings with probation officers that can result in felony arrest warrants. The "Clear My Warrant" program will help low-level offenders get back on track with their probation. ... Read more»

Arizona stacking cargo containers to block border in Yuma, Ducey says

Arizona began setting up its own border barrier Friday, filling gaps in the wall near Yuma with shipping containers topped with "razor wire," Gov. Doug Ducey announced.... Read more»

AZ massage board failed to investigate prostitution complaints for more than 2 years

The Arizona board that regulates massage therapists put the public at risk by failing to investigate complaints, including waiting more than 800 days to take action against three therapists accused of prostitution, according to a new state audit.... Read more»

3D printing and foam: Arizona organizations make homes more sustainable

Amid global climate change and a chronic shortage of affordable housing, Arizona construction companies and nonprofits are taking innovative steps to make homes more energy efficient and environmentally sustainable. ... Read more»

Abortion ballot measures seen as critical — but tricky — strategy

The victory for abortion rights in a Kansas primary this month was the first direct expression of voter sentiment since the Supreme Court overturned the right to abortion - but experts on both sides remain circumspect about what the vote may mean for the future.... Read more»

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