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Guest opinion

Grijalva: It's time to embrace real solutions for growing fentanyl dangers

For too long, we've played politics with the public health threat of fentanyl. It's time we addressed it with science-based solutions and raised awareness that cuts through the political talking points. ... Read more»

Sex work equals survival for some migrant women in Tapachula, Mexico

Nearly half the migrants who crossed Mexico’s southern border in 2021 were women - many who lack job opportunities and proper work permits - and some become sex workers because they consider it the only way to provide for themselves and their families.... Read more»

Initiative to fund attorneys for migrants in Pima County fails to gather signatures

A local initiative to give migrants in Pima County access to public defenders if they face immigration court proceedings failed to gather enough signatures to get on November's ballot. The Pima County Justice For All measure won't go to local voters for approval. ... Read more»

Texas gov empowers state authorities to return migrants to border crossings

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on Thursday cleared state authorities to return migrants they apprehend to the border, setting up a potential clash with the federal government over the authority to enforce immigration law.... Read more»

3 charged with transporting & harboring 86 migrants

Federal agents arrested three men during a pair of raids in Phoenix last week, charging them with conspiracy to transport and harbor at least 86 people in country illegally, officials announced Wednesday. ... Read more»

He won a landmark Supreme Court citizenship case. El Paso tried to deport Wong Kim Ark anyway

Wong Kim Ark has the unique distinction as perhaps the only person with a Supreme Court ruling declaring him, by name, a citizen of the United States — but that didn’t prevent an immigration official from arresting him and beginning deportation proceedings.... Read more»

Arizona business, political, migrant advocates kick off campaign for guaranteed in-state tuition

A broad-based group of political, business and immigration leaders rallied Wednesday to drum up support for Proposition 308, the ballot initiative that would guarantee in-state tuition for any Arizona high school graduate, regardless of citizenship status. ... Read more»

Biden administration urges 5th Circuit to save DACA program

The Biden administration told a Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals panel Wednesday that eliminating DACA 10 years after it was started would cause major disruptions for so-called Dreamers, their U.S. citizen children and employers.... Read more»

Grijalva urges 'transparency' from CBP after surveillance blimp is lofted over Nogales

U.S. Rep. Raúl Grijalva pushed for "transparency and oversight" from Homeland Security officials after U.S. Customs and Border Protection lofted a new surveillance blimp near Nogales last week, prompting an outcry from county and city officials. ... Read more»

New Museum of the American Latino has 1st exhibit in Smithsonian space

A display in the National Museum of American History is the first exhibit by what will eventually become the National Museum of the American Latino - but with that museum years away, a space in the Smithsonian will serve as its display for the next decade.... Read more»

6th Circuit lifts injunction against Biden deportation policy

A memo prioritizing the deportation of the most dangerous illegal aliens from the United States does not inflict direct harm upon states and is not a reviewable agency action, despite allegations of harm alleged by Arizona, Ohio and Montana.... Read more»

Texas GOP wants governor to deport migrants, but only federal gov't has that power

Immigration law enforcement falls under the jurisdiction of the federal government - but in recent months, a fringe legal theory has found more mainstream supporters who are calling on state leaders in Arizona and Texas to deport migrants with state resources. ... Read more»

25 new U.S. citizens sworn in on July 4 in Tucson

Twenty-five people from 20 different countries were sworn in as new United States citizens on Monday, July 4. They took their oaths as they gathered with their loved ones at Saguaro National Park for a naturalization ceremony.... Read more»

Guest opinion

Supreme Court opens Pandora’s box in Borderlands

The Supreme Court’s recent Egbert v. Boule decision is a Pandora’s box that the American borderland will now have to face as 20,000 Border Patrol agents have now been granted an immunity never before seen.... Read more»

Border Patrol blindsides Nogales with 24-hour surveillance blimp

Residents of Nogales awoke Thursday to a new and soon-to-be permanent presence in the sky above them: a tethered observation blimp meant to give the U.S. Border Patrol round-the-clock, ground-level surveillance capability in the local area.... Read more»

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