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Black migrants see nothing in Tapachula but racism and a dead end

Many of the hundreds of Black migrants from Africa and Haiti who wait in Tapachula say immigration officials, and the Mexican government in general, have failed to live up to the promise of human rights for all people without regard to their country of origin.... Read more»

'Harm was the point': 4 migrant parents sue over Trump policy that separated families

Four migrant parents filed a federal lawsuit in Arizona, arguing a Trump administration policy of intentionally separating families who crossed the U.S.-Mexico border was harmful and traumatic. ... Read more»

Migrant smuggling in trailers a booming business in Texas

Laredo is the epicenter of a multibillion-dollar migrant smuggling industry, where coyotes bring people they have led across the Rio Grande to stash houses before their associates load groups of them onto trailers tucked away in the city’s warehouse district.... Read more»

Phoenix brothers sentenced to prison for buying, selling guns illegally

Two brothers from Phoenix were part of a scheme to buy and sell guns through social media, including several weapons and a hand grenade they sold to an undercover officer even after they were told the weapons would be smuggled into Mexico. ... Read more»

Journey to reach Mexico fraught with danger and uncertainty for migrants

Despite the horrors of the journey to Tapachula - the first stop in Mexico for migrants desperate to leave behind the violence and economic turmoil of their home countries - many face additional months and perhaps years impoverished and trapped in a bureaucratic nightmare.... Read more»

News analysis

Pence holds Tucson photo op, permits no questions

Reporters were not allowed to ask questions during a Tucson campaign event held Friday for Republican gubernatorial candidate Karrin Taylor Robson, featuring former Vice President Mike Pence. ... Read more»

D.C. services stressed by migrants bused in from Arizona, Texas borders

Washington, D.C., officials are asking federal and regional governments to help area nonprofits stretched thin by busloads of migrants who are being sent to the city by the governors of Arizona and Texas to bring attention to surging migration and protest plans to end Title 42.... Read more»

Supreme Court turns away Biden attempt to enforce limits on immigration arrests

In a 5-4 vote on Thursday, the Supreme Court rejected a plea from the Biden administration to allow enforcement of an immigration policy that allows Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers to use discretion when detaining immigrants who illegally cross the border.... Read more»

'Nothing here is enough': Systemic gaps in health care system affect migrants in Tapachula

Directories list more than a dozen hospitals in Tapachula, but medical treatment can depend on interpretation of law and changing policy by hospital staff, leaving a situation that is confusing for migrants seeking care.... Read more»

200,000 migrants stopped at U.S.-Mx border in June; record 1.74 million for year

More than 1.74 million migrants had been stopped at the southwest border through June, breaking the record set through all of the last fiscal year and with three months still to go in this fiscal year. ... Read more»

Federal border prosecutions rise as Biden admin officials consider ending Title 42

Border officials in Arizona are referring more migrants to prosecutors this year, marking a significant change since the beginning of the COVID pandemic. This April, 30% more cases were sent to prosecutors.... Read more»

Voting advocates fear new Arizona law could disenfranchise some naturalized citizens

One of the most significant election bills this legislative session signed into law by Arizona Gov. Ducey is provoking an outcry from voting advocates who say it could disenfranchise naturalized citizens and other voters by canceling their registrations.... Read more»

Pharma companies sue for the right to buy blood from Mexicans along border

A year after the U.S. barred Mexicans from crossing the border to sell their blood, pharmaceutical companies have acknowledged that those donations provided as much as 10% of the plasma collected nationwide as they seek to have the ban overturned. ... Read more»

ICE accused of 'dumping' sick detainees to avoid reporting deaths

The American Civil Liberties Union filed a federal complaint—a prelude to a lawsuit—against U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement after the agency failed to release documents linked to what the ACLU called a practice of "dumping" sick people from custody when their deaths are imminent.... Read more»

Despite Supreme Court OK to end it, 'remain in Mexico' continues for now

Advocates waiting for the Biden administration to end the “remain in Mexico” immigration policy could be waiting weeks, or more, despite the Supreme Court ruling last month that the administration has the authority to do so. ... Read more»

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