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UA touts record year of 300 inventions, from potential AFib treatment to flame-retardant plastic

A record of more than 300 inventions were disclosed to the University of Arizona last year, the University announced Tuesday, as Tech Launch Arizona, the institution's “commercialization arm” celebrates ten years this fall. ... Read more»

Tucson area air polllution hits harmful levels Friday, Pima County warns

Air pollution in the Tucson metro area reached harmful levels on Friday, with high concentrations of ozone over the city. Residents should limit outdoor activities, Pima County officials said.... Read more»

Contaminación del aire en metro Tucson alcanza niveles daniños el viernes

La contaminación del aire en el área metro de Tucson está en niveles dañinos el viernes. Los residentes deben limitar las actividades al aire libre, según el Condado Pima.... Read more»

Karen Fann used Arizona Senate resources to campaign for Kari Lake

Senate President Karen Fann and the Senate GOP spokeswoman violated Arizona laws barring the use of government resources for political activity when they sent a press release calling on voters to “unite behind (Kari) Lake” in the governor’s race.... Read more»1

Texas gov. says state is now busing migrants to New York City

Gov. Greg Abbott announced that Texas is now busing migrants from the Mexican border to New York City, the state’s latest confrontation with an East Coast city over the influx at the border - months after Texas began offering migrants rides to Washington, D.C.... Read more»

Here’s what police & car dealers recommend to deter catalytic converter theft

Drivers may not know what catalytic converters do, but it’s clear that they’re valuable - with thefts of the emissions-control devices skyrocketing across the country - as Arizonans reported 2,046 thefts in 2021, an increase of 1,340% over 2019.... Read more»

Kari Lake secures Arizona GOP gov nomination, setting stage for November showdown with Katie Hobbs

Kari Lake, a former Phoenix newscaster, will face Democrat Katie Hobbs in Arizona's November election for governor - and Adrian Fontes, former Maricopa County recorder, will face Republican Mark Finchem in the secretary of state contest.... Read more»

Kyrsten Sinema again pivotal as Senate Democrats scramble for 50 votes

U.S. Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, the enigmatic Democrat from Arizona, is once again at the center of attention in Congress, where she’s the linchpin in Democrats’ plans to pass a party-line climate, health and taxes bill.... Read more»

From the editor

While chain newsrooms are cut, Tucson Sentinel is building for the future

Gannett Inc. — the massive chain that owns the Arizona Republic and half of the Arizona Daily Star — sent two emails from corporate bigwigs Thursday morning, warning staffers across the country of looming layoffs. At the Tucson Sentinel, we're laying the foundations for even more local journalism.... Read more»

Monkeypox in Pima County likely to increase, local group combats stigma of virus

Monkeypox cases in Pima County are expected to grow, with residents most at risk being people with multiple intimate partners, Health Director Dr. Theresa Cullen said. Local groups are fighting a false perception the painful infection only affects gay men.... Read more»

What the Devil won't tell you

Kari Lake says she's the victim of an Arizona election conspiracy, unless she wins

Last week, Kari Lake told reporters that she has evidence to prove Arizona election results can't be trusted. Now she's winning her Republican primary. Or is she really? Careful, there are space lasers about.... Read more»

CBP officers intercept 237 lbs. of meth hidden in Nogales rail car

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers in Nogales discovered more than 237 pounds of methamphetamine hidden in the structural beams of a railroad freight car on Sunday, officials said.... Read more»

Az attorney, UA grad Roopali Desai confirmed as 9th Circuit judge

Roopali Desai, a attorney from the Phoenix area and a triple graduate of the University of Arizona, was confirmed as the newest judge on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals on Thursday, with a 67-29 vote in the Senate. ... Read more»

Supreme Court ruling against EPA hurts, may not hobble clean air in Arizona

The Supreme Court ruled this summer that the EPA could not force power plants to move away from fossil fuels, but in Arizona, a market-driven shift away from fossil fuels and toward renewable energy has long been in the works at the power plants in the state.... Read more»

Democrats launch campaign highlighting Blake Masters' 'extreme' abortion position

Democrats are launching an ad campaign about the “extreme” position on abortion of Republican nomination for U.S. Senate Blake Masters, who has referred to abortion as a “sacrificial ritual” to the left and called for a federal “personhood” law for fetuses.... Read more»

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