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What the Devil won't tell you

Az AG Brnovich's threats to investment firm BlackRock a sign of GOP threats to come

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich is demanding private equity firm BlackRock "come clean" about its "leftist politics." Because apparently while Republican money is speech, funds invested with an eye to the long term are an anti-trust violation. ... Read more»

Biden administration ending 'Remain in Mexico' policy on asylum-seekers

Homeland Security officials said Monday they will wind down a Trump-era program, known as "Remain in Mexico," which requires asylum seekers to stay south of the border while their applications for protection wind through the U.S. immigration system. ... Read more»

Tucson moves to ban discrimination against renters based on income sources

Tucson's Housing Department is asking the public to read a draft ordinance and give feedback on a planned ban on refusing to rent or sell housing to anyone based on their source of income — such as housing vouchers or Social Security.... Read more»

Pima Supes vote 3-2 to challenge Arizona ban on local gun controls

Pima County supervisors voted 3-2 to prepare to sue the state of Arizona to lift a ban on local firearms regulations, calling gun violence a "public health crisis."... Read more»

Arizona Senate 'audit' leaders Doug Logan & Ben Cotton are facing Michigan criminal probe

Michigan AG Dana Nessel has petitioned to name a special prosecutor to investigate Doug Logan, Ben Cotton and others who falsely believed the election was stolen from Donald Trump and then set out to gather evidence by gaining access to ballot tabulators. ... Read more»

Fewer people are moving as interest rates, rents rise

Most people move during the spring and summer months, but many would-be movers stayed put this May and June amid higher interest rates and rising rents, and exurbs saw more people move in as other areas experienced an outflow.... Read more»

Navajo Nation presidential candidates Nez & Nygren announce VP running mates

The ballot for Navajo Nation president is set, as incumbent Jonathan Nez and challenger Buu Nygren both announced their vice presidential running mates at the Navajo Veterans Memorial Park in Window Rock on Monday.... Read more»

Fight over Az's Resolution Copper Mine drags on – and both sides expect more

Lawmakers, federal regulators and courts have been grappling with questions surrounding the Resolution Copper Mine since 2004 – and both sides agree that the debate is likely to continue for years to come.... Read more»

Monkeypox vaccines in short supply, Pima health officials warn, but more than 600 vaxxed

Pima County has vaccinated more than 600 residents who were at risk of contracting monkeypox, starting in early July, and the county is now running short although it expects to receive more doses in August.... Read more»

Household hazardous waste collection returns for August as Tucson eyes 2023 schedule changes

Tucson residents can do away with hazardous waste and documents this Saturday free of charge during the city's August collection event as officials may adjust the monthly event's schedule for next year. ... Read more»

Famed jaguar 'El Jefe' spotted in northern Mexico

A rare northern jaguar known for roaming Arizona's Santa Rita Mountains was recently observed central Sonora, Mexico, evidence of continued cross-border migration for the species. ... Read more»

Pot sellers face lengthy permit process after Pima Supes vote 3-2 on zoning

Recreational marijuana sellers will face a lengthy process to set up shop in unincorporated Pima County after the Board of Supervisors voted last week to update zoning codes for dispensaries.... Read more»

In Arizona legislative races, progressive victories spur excitement & anticipation

The influx - and success - of women of color running for office have many in the Arizona progressive movement excited, and a number are using Clean Elections to publicly fund their campaigns against incumbents who received backing from corporate interests. ... Read more»

A special routine: Arizona's Rep. Schweikert a top user of House ‘special order’ speeches

Arizona Rep. David Schweikert has given a special-order speech 29 times in the current Congress - and 82 since he took office in 2011- as he shows "the math behind the top issues in front of my colleagues and our country.”... Read more»


The forever coup: Trump’s Big Lie is the coin of the GOP realm in Arizona

This week’s primaries helped show something: The January 6 hearings may well not end the Big Lie. The Big Lie is more than Trump now, and it is more than a revisionist project about the 2020 election. ... Read more»

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