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Tucson sounds: Release me! Rifling through the latest local music releases

Note: This story is more than 3 years old.

Tucson sounds: Release me! Rifling through the latest local music releases

Local blues rock, alt-country, & more Southern Arizona music news

  • Mark Anthony Febbo in the recording studio
    Mark Anthony Febbo via FacebookMark Anthony Febbo in the recording studio

Remember last summer when so many of your favorite local musicians were hiding from the heat in their studio caves, working on new releases? Well, those tracks are starting to work their way into your friendly local music reporter's inbox and it's only fair that they be shared with all of you.

Consider it an early holiday present of sorts. 

Mark Anthony Febbo - 'Penitent'

Febbo Fuentes' Mark Anthony Febbo gives us a taste of his forthcoming solo release "Dry River Redemption," and it's a formidable undertaking. Recorded with a little help from some of Tucson's blues and desert rock greats (including Heather Hardy, Tom Walbank, Rich Hopkins and Damon Barnaby) the record promises to kick up some Old Pueblo style outlaw dust. The first track to be released from this collection, "Penitent," is a Dylanesque story song of downtown trains and wistful longing with strings and steel guitar, with echoes of Steve Earle and the late great Townes Van Zandt.

Others - 'Geist'

Tucson based artist/musician Daniel Martin Diaz and musician/perfumer Leslie La Curie team up to create an ethereal instrumental soundscape infused with road dust, grave dust and ghostly evocations. A well-balanced blend of organic musicianship, dark musings and unearthly heartbeats.

Stripes - 'This One's for You'

One of the bands at the forefront of Tucson's teen rock revolution, Stripes latest effort trades raw youthful angst for a more radio friendly pop-punk sound with a fun, audience engaging video to go with it.  

The Rifle - 'Are We Having Fun Yet?'

Nelene DeGuzman and company up the ante yet again with a dreamy, psych and surf laced ode to Peter Pan complexes and burgeoning maturity. New music is on the horizon soon courtesy of the crew at Midtown Island Studios.

Katie Haverly - 'Open'

In an age of inorganic rap, polished pop tart anthems and heavily produced "hits" pop radio is long overdue for some from heart on one's sleeve soulful piano pop and Katie Haverly isn't going to let us down. Channeling the spirits of her '90s-era foremothers ala Tori Amos, Fiona Apple and Paula Cole, as well as contemporaries like Regina Spektor, Haverly's latest single Open is a welcome echo of a sound that can't be reined in for long. Stay tuned for the coming full length album next year.

Check your local listings...

Saturday, December 14

  • Al Foul - 2 p.m. Che's Lounge Patio
  • Soft Sweater, Lenguas Largas - 10 p.m. Che's Lounge
  • Great Cover Up Night #3 - 7 p.m. 191 Toole
  • Trees Speak - 9 p.m. Saint Charles Tavern
  • Brian Berggoetz Band - 9 p.m. Chicago Bar
  • Miss Olivia and the Interlopers - 3:30 p.m. Fourth Avenue Street Fair
  • Katie Haverly and the Aviary - 7 p.m. Exo
  • Mountebank, M. Crane, Black Medicine - 9 p.m. Sky Bar

Sunday, December 15

  • Al Foul - 2 p.m. Che's Lounge Patio
  • Golden Boots, Wanda Junes - 9:30 p.m. Sky Bar
  • Harriet Brown - 8 p.m. Club Congress
  • Ian Harris, Jamie Kilstein, Ron Swallow - 8 p.m. 191 Toole

Thursday, December 19

  • Brokeback, L.A. Takedown, Tara Jane O'Neil - 9 p.m. Exo
  • Who Raps Anyway - 9 p.m. Thunder Canyon
  • Esteban and Mazzella - 8 p.m. Rialto
  • Loveland and Surfbroads - 6:30 p.m. Tap & Bottle

Friday, December 20

  • Febbo Fuentes - 5 p.m. Westbound
  • Habitation Speakeasy: Matt Mitchell Trio - 6 p.m. Habitation Realty
  • The Disappearance - 9 p.m. Saint Charles Tavern
  • A Night For Amy - 8 p.m. 191 Toole
  • 12 Dead Legends - 8 p.m. House of Bards
  • Dry and Dusty w/ Freddy Parish - 8 p.m. Exo
  • Miss Olivia and the Interlopers - 7 p.m. Sand-Reckoner Vineyards


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