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Grill: No longer 'open later than you think'

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Grill: No longer 'open later than you think'

Downtown diner Grill, long a fixture of late night eaters and early morning coffee drinkers, shut down earlier than planned, according to the restaurant's Facebook page.

The eatery's owners had planned to close Grill's doors on Tuesday night, but ran out of food and coffee a day early, after loyal customers poured through the doors for one last meal at the downtown icon.

"Grill is now officially closed for eternity. I know we told you we would be open for another day, but you cleaned us out. The food is gone and our sanity was lost long ago," Grill's owners posted on the restaurant's Facebook page:

We appreciate your loyalty over the years, and while we know you will all soon move on, we hope you never find anything more comforting than the hate and tots we brought to you for the past twelve years. Thank you to everyone who came out to say goodbye, and a special thank you to all the former employees who pitched in and helped us these past two days. So long, Tucson.

A row of candles was placed under Grill's "Closed" sign Monday night.

The diner had been set to close Tuesday night, according to a post that has since been removed:

It's true. Grill will be closing at midnight Tuesday November 22nd. That is, just moving into Wednesday. And we will never open the doors again. We open again tonight at 10pm. Come celebrate the end, or else fuck you.

Under the motto "Open later than you think," the coffee, burgers and tater tots—never with cheese—have been served up at Grill for a generation of downtowners. In fact, the spot has been an eatery for nearly a century.

Minerva Cafe opened at 100 E. Congress St. in 1929. Since the spot has been known as Stag Grill, Rallis Grill and Congress Grill. In 1994, after James Graham and Julia Latane purchased the diner, it was simply "Grill."

After Patrick and Lori Forsythe bought the joint in 1999, the house rules remained: no cheese on the tots and no ranch dressing.

The attached bar Red Room is also affected by the closure.

"This is a sad day for Tucson, but lets try and go out with grace and style, and remember what this place meant to us, whatever that might have been for each of us," Red Room's Rory O'Rear posted on Facebook.

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