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Tucson chefs craft unique dishes for Sonoran Restaurant Week

Tucson chefs craft unique dishes for Sonoran Restaurant Week

  • The Blacktop Grill's sopapillas are served topped with a drizzle of sea salt caramel or organic honey.
    The Blacktop Grill FacebookThe Blacktop Grill's sopapillas are served topped with a drizzle of sea salt caramel or organic honey.
  • Gourmet Girls Gluten Free Bakery Bistro specialized in serving gluten-free items such as baked goods and sandwiches.
    Gourmet Girls Gluten Free Bakery Bistro FacebookGourmet Girls Gluten Free Bakery Bistro specialized in serving gluten-free items such as baked goods and sandwiches.

Sonoran Restaurant Week is back for a fourth year. From September 9 to September 18, several restaurants in town will provide a prix fixe menu priced $25, $35 or $45, without tax. Some restaurants, like Alejandro "Serious Mexican, Mariscos, & Fusion Food", will have three menu options falling into each price category. To participate, patrons should request the restaurant week menu.

Among those participating are:

Rollies Mexican Patio

  • 4573 S. 12th Ave.

Rollies serves up creative dishes outside of Sonoran Restaurant Week. The eatery is named after one featured menu item  — rollies, or rolled tacos. They also have ice cream sandwiches, but they're not a traditional form. They're concha ice cream sandwiches, ideal for sweet lovers. Rollies restaurant week menu is just as fun. They created a meal to feed two — or one for those who might be feeling ambitious — consisting of two birria street tacos, two carne asada street tacos and two bowls of birria ramen, for $35.

Yoshimatsu Japanese Eatery

  • 2741 N. Campbell Ave.

Yoshimatsu is one of the restaurants offering three menu options. The $25 prix fixe menu includes a choice between gyoza or edamame, one ramen bowl with the choice between duck, katsu curry or ginger mushroom, and one soft drink or tea. For $35, one can pick any appetizer except for uni, toro, sashimi that's more than six pieces and the sashimi spring roll. For the main course, they give a choice of a popular ramen such as miso, tonkotsu or shoyu, as well as a choice of beverage between tea or soda. A full sushi roll is also included, but toro or uni aren't available as choices for this special. The $45 menu includes a choice of gyoza or edamame, any two dishes as long as they cost $17 or under, chef's choice of six-piece nigiri or sashimi, and two sodas or teas.

Gourmet Girls Gluten Free Bakery Bistro

  • 5845 N. Oracle Rd.

Everything available at Gourmet Girls is gluten-sensitivity friendly, as none of it contains gluten - from pastries to sandwiches. The restaurant will be offering two menu options, both for two people. The $35 menu includes a sweet roll to share, three entrée options from which two dishes can be picked - chicken and waffle, a breakfast quesadilla with potatoes or veggies and scrambled eggs with potatoes and toast. To drink, there will be coffee, iced tea, hot tea and lemonade to pick from. The $45 menu for two brings an appetizer which would be an option of mozzarella bites or onion rings. The main course of sandwiches include a choice of the tuna melt, the Double Decker grilled cheese or the Sonoran sandwich. They all include a side. This menu also includes the choice of coffee, hot tea, lemonade or iced tea. Plus, there will be a peanut butter blondie, magic bar, or chocolate brownie for dessert.


  • 3000 E. Broadway

A fully plant-based menu is being cooked up at Falora, ideal for people who eat a vegan diet or for anyone looking for a meatless meal option. For $35, patrons will be able to enjoy the El Fauxrizo pizza, which has housemade plant-based chorizo, San Marzano tomatoes, black beans, corn, cilantro lime crema and scallions accompanied by vegan mozzarella. The kale salad includes Kalamata olives, kale, artichoke hearts, and sun-dried tomatoes topped with a cashew dressing. Save room for dessert, because the sorta torta - which is a vegan chocolate tart with raspberry purée and a nut crust - is also included in the menu.

Inca's Peruvian Cuisine

  • 6878 E. Sunrise Dr.

Inca's also has a menu for two in store. The main course options are lomo saltado, aji de gallina, ceviche mixto and seco de carne. The options for drinks are soda, lemonade, iced tea, house white wine and house red wine, for $45.


  • 400 N. Toole Ave.

Maynards has designed a colorful menu for Sonoran Restaurant Week. Their $45 prix fixe menu incudes the following: an appetizer of marinated cucumbers served with ricotta and chervil on toast paired with a glass of Sonoran Viognier or the blue beard spaghetti with concentrated tomato and a cured egg yolk served with Santo Tomas Misión Tinto. The main course has three options — halibut served with yellow finn potatoes and whey butter paired with Casa Madero Chardonnay, a grilled pork loin with mezcal-plum BBQ sauce and spoon pudding paired with Sonoran Rio de Bernardino, or crisp tempeh with collard greens and whipped carrot paired with Sonoran Rose of Gernache. For dessert, there's an apple rum cake with creme fraiche gelato and pecans paired with Sand Reckoner Malvasia.

The Blacktop Grill

  • 8300 N. Thornydale Rd.

The Blacktop Grill, which is a 2022 Tucson City of Gastronomy-certified restaurant, has created two menus one regular and one vegan — both priced at $25. The regular menu includes a first course of an elote an vaso, fire-roasted corn topped with chipotle lime sauce and chorizo, served with housemade chips. The chorizo can be modified to soy chorizo as well. The second course is a choice of a gourmet hot dog served on a "bakery fresh bun" and a strip of bacon. To finish off the meal, the dessert is warm sopapillas drizzled with either sea salt caramel or organic honey. The vegan menu includes either street corn with chips and salsa, which is fire-roasted corn with soy chorizo dip and vegan chipotle lime sauce with garlic sriracha for heat lovers. The second course is the Vegan Vampiro tacos, which are made with either Impossible meat or soy chorizo finished off with onion, cilantro slaw and vegan avocado cream. The vegan dessert is a mangonada, which is made with dairy-free soy ice cream with chamoy, mango syrup, Tajín and mango chunks.

The Coronet

  • 198 W. Cushing St.

The Coronet's Sonoran Restaurant Week menu is priced for $45 and it is over-the-top lavish. The first course is a choice of Bossam - which is Korean-style braised pork belly served with grilled kimchi, ssamyang, scallion salad, and a butter leaf wrap - or roasted artichoke hearts served with barrio crostini and tahini. The second course has three options - spicy Thai green curry served with seared tofu glazed with pomegranate, green beans, red peppers, eggplant, pattypan squash on top of basmati rice tahdig; Thai mussels and grilled shrimp served with edamame and barrio toast; and Guajillo grilled pork tenderloin served with a paprika tomato risotto with roasted broccolini, green chickpeas and arugula lemon salad. For dessert, there are Tack Room chocolate mousse truffles with pecans, berries and citrus cream.

The full list of 106 participating restaurants and more information about the Sonoran Restaurant Week is available online.

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