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ChamberLab concert celebrates series anniversary

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ChamberLab concert celebrates series anniversary

  • ChamberLab musicians rehearse for an upcoming show in Tucson.
    ChamberLab musicians rehearse for an upcoming show in Tucson.
  • ChamberLab founder Chris Black.
    ChamberLab founder Chris Black.

ChamberLab — Tucson's alt-classical DIY chamber music series — will celebrate the first anniversary of its quarterly concert series Saturday night with a performance at Cafe Detsa.

The concert will be recorded and released as a live album.

ChamberLab founder and musician Chris Black began the project in 2010 with hopes of incorporating classical music with every other kind of music in the world. Outside the chamber music project, Black plays gypsy-influenced music that's reminiscent of Tom Waits.

Black rebooted the project in May 2012 as a quarterly concert series. The shows, according to Black, have been largely successful ever since.

The project "brings new concert music from unlikely sources to unusual venues," according to a news release.

ChamberLab features violins, cellos, pianos and trombones, among other instruments. The project has performed in various venues around Tucson, including at Hotel Congress and The Screening Room.

"This concert tops all previous efforts at instrumental eclecticism, with a line-up including bassoons, contrabassoon, violin, cello, piano, double bass, tuba, accordion, trombone, clarinet, flute, piccolo, vibraphone, glass bowls, bass drums, and probably kazoos," according to the release.

"We're definitely keeping it out of concert halls and more in the informal setting where you can have a beer and enjoy life," Black said.

In addition to classical music enthusiasts, more casual fans have been attracted by the participation of members of local rock bands.

Known much more for their accomplishments on the live, local music scene instead of the concert hall, Benjamin DeGain of Discos, Dante Rosano of the Kiss and the Tells, Marco Rosano of Y La Orkesta and Tony Rosano of Awkward Moments are some of the composers whose work will be performed at Saturday's concert.

"We have a tremendous range of fans," Black said. "It's a great mix, and it's one that has been growing with every show, too."

Saturday's performance at Cafe Desta, 758 S Stone Ave., will begin at 7:30 p.m.; doors will open at 7 p.m.

The show has sold out, although Black posted on ChamberLab's indiegogo page that more seats may be opening up by Saturday afternoon.

Black also expects to release a CD recording of the concert over the summer, but hasn't determined a release date. The performance will be recorded by Craig Schumacher of local recording studio Wavelab.


What, where & when

  • Chamberlab concert
  • Cafe Desta, 758 S Stone Ave.
  • Saturday, 7:30 p.m.
  • Tickets: Sold out, but more may released

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